Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tanda of the Week 47 / 2012 -
Aníbal Troilo y Floreal Ruiz


1. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "La borrachera del tango" 1945
2. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "La noche que te fuiste" 1945
3. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "Naranjo en flor" 1944
4. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "Yuyo verde" 1945

In this tanda I'd like to introduce the third great singer from the orchestra of Aníbal Troilo: Floreal Ruíz. Before replacing Francisco Fiorentino in the orchestra of Troilo he recorded a few sides with Alfredo De Angelis. After Troilo he joined the orchestra of Francisco Rotundo in 1948 and later Jose Basso.

The songs from Troilo/Ruíz don't get played much in milongas as the music of Troilo with Fiorentino, the instrumentals and also the songs with Marino are favored more and these songs are clearly more challenging but also very rewarding to dance to. From the first notes of "La borrachera del tango" it is clear the tanda will bring some of the best of the rich classic sound of Anibal Troilo.

"When I hear Floreal Ruiz I have the impression that the singer so naturally and spontaneously does it that he seems to be seated on a chair informally conversing, and the musical notes spring out of his throat with no effort. The timbre and the color of his voice are everyday sounds for me, there are neither stridences nor false resources, he does it in the most difficult way, easily. 
He is, undoubtedly, a subtle singer, delicate, of an excellent diction which allows understanding not only the lyrics but also its dramatism.
He was one of the great voices of the 40s, and paradoxically, he achieved his definitive recognition after the passing of years, not at his time of splendor when he was member of Aníbal Troilo´s orchestra. This was due to two reasons. First, because in the 40s quite a lot of singers of an exceptional level sprang out; second, because he had to replace Francisco Fiorentino in "Pichuco"'s orchestra and perform by the side of the successful Alberto Marino, who was the singer in vogue. ...continue reading"

by Ricardo García Blaya, Todotango

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