Friday, November 16, 2012

Comments and feedback.

As we've just reached over 2000 likes on Facebook (!!!) I'd like to remind you that Tanda of the Week is here not just to share music and educate dancers about the orchestras but also to create more discussion about music, tandas and DJ'ing in general. Ofcourse there have been a lot of the positive feedback (and it's greatly appreciated) and giving feedback that could be seen negative is a lot harder. Iwould still encourage you to give your comments when you think the songs in the tanda could be arranged differently or some other song would be better etc. Just bare in mind that besides everyone having their own opinions and favorites, the tandas posted here are also taken out their content. There is no milonga or the right atmosphere. So while we can analyze tandas in a more clinical universal way of this is good and this is not so good, we should remember that even if a tanda might not seem great at first "on paper" it might be amazing in a milonga when played at the right time.

So... more discussion is welcome and will not be frowned upon. Every opinion is appreciated as long as we can stay constructive. TOTW will continue to showcase a wide variety of tango music and I do not have an agenda of claiming things should be done in a certain way.

Thank you. :)

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