Monday, December 31, 2012

New blog -

I've started a second tango blog called Tango, Vals & Milonga. I will share Spotify playlists and recommendations to albums and music available online. For an example here is a Spotify playlist of Anibal Troilo instrumental tangos from 1938-1945. The playlist is in chronologial order based on the listings of of Troilo's recordings. Some of the tracks are in questionable quality but they were the best I found. 

Be sure to follow the new tangoblog Tango, Vals & Milonga for more updates and playlists. Happy new year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tanda of the Week 49 / 2012 -
Enrique Campos - valses

Enrique Campos.
S. f. (Foto: Museo y Centro de documentación AGADU)

1. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Al pasar" 1943
2. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Me besó y se fué" 1945
3. Francisco Rotundo / Enrique Campos / Floreal Ruíz - "El viejo vals" 1951

This weeks tanda of valses with the singer Enrique Campos comes from Dan Lester from Orlando, Florida USA. Thank you Dan!

Enrique Campos is best known as the other great singer from the Tanturi orchestra (besides Alberto Castillo) and he also sang for the Francisco Rotundo orchestra and later for the Roberto Caló orchestra who was the brother of Miguel Caló. "El viejo vals" is one of the most known songs from Francisco Rotundo and is often played in a vals tanda of mixed orchestras. Often with songs from 1950s that are duets like Biagi's "Adoracion" (1951) which is sung by Carlos Heredia and Hugo Duval. There's a version of "Al Pasar" also by Lucio Demare's orchestra and Raúl Berón.

If you rather would like to have the complete tanda with Tanturi and Campos then the last song it could be replaced with for example Tanturi/Campos/Videla - "Tu vieja ventana" from 1945.

Tanturi, Ricardo - TOTW - Todo - TangoTunes - iTunes Store 
Campos, Enrique - TOTW - Todo Tango - - TangoTunes - iTunes Store 
Ruiz, Floreal - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tanda of the Week 48 / 2012 -
Alfredo De Angelis y Floreal Ruíz


1. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Bajo el cono azúl" 1944
2. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Como se muere de amor" 1943
3. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Marioneta" 1943
4. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Dejame asi" 1943

Here is more from Floreal Ruíz, this time with the orchestra of Alfredo De Angelis. Check out the previous tanda of Ruíz with Troilo.

Both "Bajo el cono azúl" and "Como se muere de amor" have a spoken part in the beginning of the song. I use versions of these songs both with the spoken part and without. Here I have the first song with the spoken part but the second song without it to better keep the flow of the music from one song to the next.

De Angelis, Alfredo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 
Ruiz, Floreal - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tanda of the Week 47 / 2012 -
Aníbal Troilo y Floreal Ruiz


1. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "La borrachera del tango" 1945
2. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "La noche que te fuiste" 1945
3. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "Naranjo en flor" 1944
4. Aníbal Troilo / Floreal Ruíz - "Yuyo verde" 1945

In this tanda I'd like to introduce the third great singer from the orchestra of Aníbal Troilo: Floreal Ruíz. Before replacing Francisco Fiorentino in the orchestra of Troilo he recorded a few sides with Alfredo De Angelis. After Troilo he joined the orchestra of Francisco Rotundo in 1948 and later Jose Basso.

The songs from Troilo/Ruíz don't get played much in milongas as the music of Troilo with Fiorentino, the instrumentals and also the songs with Marino are favored more and these songs are clearly more challenging but also very rewarding to dance to. From the first notes of "La borrachera del tango" it is clear the tanda will bring some of the best of the rich classic sound of Anibal Troilo.

"When I hear Floreal Ruiz I have the impression that the singer so naturally and spontaneously does it that he seems to be seated on a chair informally conversing, and the musical notes spring out of his throat with no effort. The timbre and the color of his voice are everyday sounds for me, there are neither stridences nor false resources, he does it in the most difficult way, easily. 
He is, undoubtedly, a subtle singer, delicate, of an excellent diction which allows understanding not only the lyrics but also its dramatism.
He was one of the great voices of the 40s, and paradoxically, he achieved his definitive recognition after the passing of years, not at his time of splendor when he was member of Aníbal Troilo´s orchestra. This was due to two reasons. First, because in the 40s quite a lot of singers of an exceptional level sprang out; second, because he had to replace Francisco Fiorentino in "Pichuco"'s orchestra and perform by the side of the successful Alberto Marino, who was the singer in vogue. ...continue reading"

by Ricardo García Blaya, Todotango

Troilo, Anibal - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Ruiz, Floreal - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tanda of the Week 46 / 2012 -
Carlos Di Sarli y Roberto Rufino

Roberto Rufino

1. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Necesito olvidar" 1942
2. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Canta, pajarito" 1943
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Adiós, te vas....!" 1943
4. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Si tú quisieras" 1943

I had the pleasure of DJ'ing in Nou Mitte in Berlin last night and I played this tanda there. It was close to the ending of the milonga with not that many dancers left. It followed a strong Varela/Ledesma tanda and partly due to the timing I got only a few couples on the floor but they praised the tanda afterwards. What do think about this tanda?

I can't believe that not all of these songs are available on Spotify or Deezer?!?! 

Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Rufino, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tanda of the Week 45 / 2012 -
Francisco Canaro y Ernesto Famá

1. Francisco Canaro / Ernesto Famá - "La muchachada del centro" 1932
2. Francisco Canaro / Ernesto Famá - "Bernabé, la fiera" 1932
3. Francisco Canaro / Ernesto Famá - "Pero aquel muchacho" 1932
4. Francisco Canaro / Ernesto Famá - "Si soy así" 1933

This guest dj tanda was suggested by DJ Riccardo DiCecio from St. Louis, USA. Thank you Riccardo! Unfortunately these songs are not available on Spotify or Deezer as is the case with many of the songs from Canaro. Maybe you can find them at the Buenos Aires Tango Club.

Canaro, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Friday, November 16, 2012

Comments and feedback.

As we've just reached over 2000 likes on Facebook (!!!) I'd like to remind you that Tanda of the Week is here not just to share music and educate dancers about the orchestras but also to create more discussion about music, tandas and DJ'ing in general. Ofcourse there have been a lot of the positive feedback (and it's greatly appreciated) and giving feedback that could be seen negative is a lot harder. Iwould still encourage you to give your comments when you think the songs in the tanda could be arranged differently or some other song would be better etc. Just bare in mind that besides everyone having their own opinions and favorites, the tandas posted here are also taken out their content. There is no milonga or the right atmosphere. So while we can analyze tandas in a more clinical universal way of this is good and this is not so good, we should remember that even if a tanda might not seem great at first "on paper" it might be amazing in a milonga when played at the right time.

So... more discussion is welcome and will not be frowned upon. Every opinion is appreciated as long as we can stay constructive. TOTW will continue to showcase a wide variety of tango music and I do not have an agenda of claiming things should be done in a certain way.

Thank you. :)

Tanda of the Week 44 / 2012 -
Juan D'Arienzo 1947-1950 instrumentals

1. Juan D'Arienzo - "La maleva" 1949
2. Juan D'Arienzo - "La catrera" 1949
3. Juan D'Arienzo - "Contra luz" 1947
4. Juan D'Arienzo - "El Marne" 1950 tanda is another one from the great Juan D'Arienzo. Straight forward, strong and very danceable. I believe I made this tanda originally to play the song "Contra luz" and while searching for songs to go with it I found the excellent D'Arienzo version of the classic "La maleva" from 1949. "La maleva" is an interesting composition that somehow starts very strong but in the end it kind of wanders off and loses some of it's dynamics (especially in the Troilo version in my opinion) and I'm not sure if it's a bad thing or if it just adds something to the peculiar qualities of this song. "La catrera" and "El marne" are also both classics that have been recorded by many orchestras and by also by D'Arienzo multiple times. The 1938 version of "La catrera" is more famous but I like this version almost just as much.

I think in the end the other three songs have more in common with each other than with "Contra luz" due to the classic melodies but the style of the songs stays similar through out the tanda and "Contra luz" spices it up with a heavier focus on the beat that D'Arienzo delivers like no one else. Enjoy!

EDIT: Due to the correct versions of La Catrera 1949 and El Marne 1950 missing from Spotify, for the playlist I had to use versions of these songs from 1955 and 1954.

D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tanda of the Week 43 / 2012 -
Quinteto Pirincho - milonga

1. Quinteto Pirincho, dir. Francisco Canaro - "La cara de la luna" 1959
2. Quinteto Pirincho, dir. Francisco Canaro - "El firulete" 1958
3. Quinteto Pirincho, dir. Francisco Canaro - "Se dice de mí" 1954's a guest DJ tanda of milongas by Mladen Uzelac from Croatia. Thank you Mladen! wrote: "In my opinion milonga should be perky that you have a big grin after dancing it. As a big fan of Quinteto Pirincho milongas and the album “Las Milongas mas milongas” I decided to create tanda for my first Tango DJ-ing. This tanda is built to suite the last song “Se dice de mi”. “La cara de la luna” is rather quite paced with cheerful sounds of flute combined with a guitar. “El firulete” slows a down but it adds more pauses. It is a bit more demanding yet still playful. “Se dice de mi” starts slowly but quite quickly builds up to its full speed. Perkiness still remains but with added piano and rhythmical playing it can be very expressive and yet it still remains very danceable. The main characteristics of this tanda is open and cheerful sound and slow progression of difficulty. If the last song is too slow you can play “El Torito” by Quinteto Pirincho."

Since this version of "Se dice de mi" was not available on Spotify or Deezer, I used the song "El Torito".

Canaro, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tanda of the Week 42 / 2012 -
OTV, OTLP and Edgardo Donato

1. Orquesta Típica Víctor - "C.T.V." 1932
2. Los Provincianos - "El distinguido ciudadano" 1932
3. Los Provincianos - "Pico blanco" 1933
4. Edgardo Donato - "Tierrita" 1933

This weeks tanda is a mix of orchestras from the early 30's. Orquesta Típica Victor and Orquesta Típica Los Provincianos (sometimes addresses as just 'Los Provincianos') were both under the Victor record label and I've joined them with a track from Edgardo Donato. The intention was to showcase songs that have very interesting compositions and arrangements as well as great danceability and a good mood. "Pico blanco" can be a bit of a challenge to dance to but very enjoyable once you get more familiar with the song. Los Provincianos was conducted by Ciriaco Ortiz and to my knowledge at least "Pico blanco" features the great Elvino Vardaro on violin.

Unfortunately these songs are not available on Spotify or Deezer

Orquesta Tipica Victor - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Donato, Edgardo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Orquesta Típica Los Provincianos - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tango Digital Archive / Archivo Digital del Tango

I will be moving to Berlin this week and I am organizing a farewell milonga at our new dance studio in Helsinki. The proceeds of the evening will be donated to support the work of the Tango Digital Archive (ARG) that I had the pleasure of working with in Buenos Aires earlier this year, donating my time and basic video editing skills to make this video. This unique initiative needs the help of tango lovers worldwide and organizing a special milonga and donating the proceeds could be one of the ways to get your community to help the work of the Tango Digital Archive..

DJ Antti Suniala (
18.10. time 19-24 @ El Atico.
Entry: 5€ (+ donations accepted)
Kumpulantie 1, 8th floor
Helsinki, Finland
info: +358408209050 /

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tanda of the Week 41 / 2012 -
Carlos Di Sarli y Roberto Rufino - milongas

Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "La mulateada" 1941
2. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Pena mulata" 1941
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Cuando un viejo se enamora" 1942

Quality milongas from Carlos Di Sarli and Roberto Rufino. Enjoy! Who can recognize the cortina and which milonga/dj has it as their trademark cortina? out more tandas from both from the [TOTW] links below as well as more information from Todo Tango and and you can purchase their music from the iTunes Store.


Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Rufino, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tanda of the Week 40 / 2012 -
Francisco Canaro y Charlo - 1929

This weeks guest dj tanda comes from DJ Barry ( from Bedford, England.

Barry explains:
"I am particularly fond of music from the Guardia vieja and the combination of Francisco Canaro/Charlo is for me one of the high points of the period and I enjoy the inventive use of guitar on Mimosa."

Unfortunately these songs are not available yet on Spotify or Deezer. You may try finding them for purchace at the Buenos Aires Tango Club for example.

I have previously posted a tanda with Lomuto and Charlo and you can hear him sing also in these tandas from Orquesta Típica Victor and Carabelli

Canaro, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tanda of the Week 39 / 2012 -
Pedro Laurenz, Jorge Linares y Carlos Bermúdez


1. Pedro Laurenz / Jorge Linares - "Esta noche al pasar" 1944
2. Pedro Laurenz / Carlos Bermúdez - "La madrugada" 1944
3. Pedro Laurenz / Carlos Bermúdez - "Me están sobrando las penas" 1944
4. Pedro Laurenz / Jorge Linares - "Naranjo en flor" 1944

When playing tangos from Pedro Laurenz DJs usually resort to the songs with Alberto Podestá. However there were more talented singers in the orchestra, like Jorge Linares and Carlos Bermúdez, all capable of interpeting the unique style of the Laurenz orchestra and some of the most beautiful and melancholic arrangements in an unforgettable way.

Like in many cases with tango music there might be phrases with different moods within a song, where for example the melody of the intro is more lighter but the main part and chorus go a lot more into drama and melancholy, and the same can be said about these songs (maybe apart for "La madrugada" which is more or less melancholic all the way). It's almost like you get in this peaceful romantic mood listening to the intros but then get a quick reminder that after all it is love and at one point you will suffer. Guaranteed.

Enjoy! (While it lasts)

Laurenz, Pedro - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tanda of the Week 38 / 2012 -
Osmar Maderna y Pedro Dátila


1. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Una vez" 1946
2. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Tarde gris" 1946
3. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Al compás de tu mentira" 1950
4. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Rebeldía" 1947

To continue with introducing more orchestras this weeks tanda is from Osmar Maderna with the singer Pedro Dátila. Although Maderna isn't played much in the milongas and the music can be considered too challenging to dance to by some, "The Chopin of Tango" had a great influence in the history of tango music especially as the pianist for Miguel Calo.

Osmar Maderna
Musician, pianist, conductor, composer and arranger
(February 26, 1918 - April 28, 1951)

"A pianist strongly inclined to romanticism, viewed as the Chopin of the tango. His subtle, almost ethereal and suggestive touch, deprived of any emphasis or pomposity, led him to create an orchestral style based on the same pattern. Plain and transparent, his arrangements conceived fancy solos alternating piano, bandoneon and violin. That style of his, born toward 1940, influenced the entire decade and contrasted with both the popular tango (with Juan D´Arienzo as remarkable example) and the academic tango (Aníbal Troilo). His tangos lack any tough or coarse traces but also any symphonic pretension. He preferred to convey a simple emotion and accurate expression, which he achieved through a permanent self-control.... continue reading"

by Julio Nudler, Todo Tango

Maderna, Osmar - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tanda of the Week 37 / 2012 -
Orquesta Típica Brunswick


1. Orquesta Típica Brunswick - "La canción del pirata" 1930
2. Orquesta Típica Brunswick - "Mi pena"1931
3. Orquesta Típica Brunswick - "Fruta prohibida"1931
4. Orquesta Típica Brunswick - "Qué bomboncito" 1930

This weeks guest dj tanda is from Orquesta Típica Brunswick sent to us by Richard Slade. He runs a monthly milonga in the south of England called Menuda Milonga and he describes the tanda as follows: "I've a real fondness for the simplicity of late 20s and early 30s tangos as they have buckets of charm and character. I usually play at least one tanda from the late 20s or very early 30s during the evening. Even though I love the darker, more somber tracks from this period, I adore the cute, upbeat nature of this Brunswick tanda. Especially Que Bonboncito."

Thank you Richard! Here's a link to more songs from Orquesta Típica Brunswick on Spotify.

"From the very beginnings of the recording industry, several ecord companies had their own orchestras or small groups whose only purpose was to cut recordings and, consequently, they made no public appearances. Already in the 10s, a period when, among others, the Orquesta Columbia and the Orquesta Polyphon appeared, this was more or less frequent. In spite of these far distant antecedents, it was in the 20s and 30s when they multiplied and each company launched their aggregations lined up by musicians that also were members of other orchestras of the same label. They only met for recording dates.

The most widely known were, undoubtedly, those formed by the Victor company, which since its succesful Orquesta Típica Victor -with a long and heterogeneous career from 1925 to 1944- produced other "private" orchestras like the Victor Popular, Victor Argentina, Victor de Salón, Victor de la Guardia Vieja, Radio Victor Argentina, etc. Probably more than once the same musicians were gathered under different group names. To look for any of their public performances is a vain effort: they only existed on record.

Between the twenties and the thirties the Brunswick company came to Argentina and the Columbia company returned. These two new labels, ready to vie for the hegemony that Victor and Odeon had in the local market, also introduced their own orchestras. But while the Típica Columbia preferred a varied repertory, which only included tangos from time to time, the Típica Brunswick was more specifically devoted to this rhythm, hence, its big importance for the genre..... continue reading"

- By Héctor Ángel Benedetti, Todo Tango

Orquesta Típica Brunswick - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tanda of the Week 36 / 2012 - Manuel Buzón


1. Manuel Buzón / Amadeo Mandarino - "Al verla pasar" 1942
2. Manuel Buzón / Osvaldo Moreno - "Canto al tango"1943
3. Manuel Buzón / Osvaldo Moreno - "Mediodía"1943
4. Manuel Buzón / Amadeo Mandarino - "Fueye" 1942

This weeks guest dj Evaldas Drasutis from Vilnus, Lithuania, serves us with a tanda from Manuel Buzón (December 18, 1904 - July 14, 1954) who was a pianist, singer, leader and composer. Buzon had a long career as an orchestra leader but unfortunately never recorded much. These songs can be found on CD from the Buenos Aires Tango Club and on the History of Tango compilation in Spotify and iTunes.

Buzón, Manuel - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tanda of the Week 35 / 2012 - Fulvio Salamanca


1. Fulvio Salamanca / Armando Guerrico - "Adiós, corazón" 1957
2. Fulvio Salamanca / Armando Guerrico - "Bomboncito"
3. Fulvio Salamanca / Andrés Peyró, Jorge Garré - "Alma en pena"
4. Fulvio Salamanca / Armando Guerrico - "Hasta siempre, amor"

Fulvio Salamanca
This weeks tanda is from Fulvio Salamanca who was a pianist, leader, arranger and composer
(August 19, 1921 - May 25, 1999). Salamanca played in the D'Arienzo orchestra from 1940 to 1957. This tanda is by Ariel David. Thank you!

"Undoubtedly, Fulvio Salamanca was one of the greatest players of that instrument [piano], but he was as well an excellent leader and arranger that released unforgettable recordings. According to Horacio Ferrer: «His interpretations had the trademark of a peculiar syncopated rhythmical beat and the use of passages in the high and extremely high register for the string section». In fact, he showcased his technical skill and virtuosity, capable of following the rhythmical unrestrained motion of D'Arienzo and adding beauty to it. When he put together his own ensemble he imposed his great personality on it and, without missing his dancing aesthetics, he displays a harmony and a model of orchestration that were a perfect foil for the musicality of the numbers, with strength, but without false stridence."

By Ricardo García Blaya, Todo Tango

Salamanca, Fulvio - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tanda of the Week 34 / 2012 - Osvaldo Fresedo y Oscar Serpa

Oscar Serpa

1. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "Te llama mi violín" 1942
2. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "El día de tu ausencia" 1943
3. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "Este viejo corazón" 1943
4. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "Gitana rusa" 1942

(Unfortunately the songs for this tanda are not available on Spotify yet...)

Oscar Serpa is one of the singers who had a very impressive career but you don't hear his recordings much in the milongas. He sang in the orchestras of Osvaldo Fresedo, Carlos Di Sarli, Ricardo Pedevilla and even Los Senores Del Tango and Horacio Salgán. I don't think I've ever played a full tanda of Serpa because I'd always choose Ruiz, Ray or Mayel (Fresedo) and Florio, Pomar, Duran (50's Di Sarli) over him. However the amazing "Te llama mi violín" has been on my private playlist for ages and the interesting version of "Gitana rusa" made me take the challenge of creating a Serpa tanda I'd love to play (and dance to). I also think that Serpa's voice goes better with Fresedo than Di Sarli.

I was thinking of using "Sin palabras" for this tanda but felt that the Pugliese/Moran or Troilo/Marino versions were clearly much better so I left it out. However I think the version of "El día de tu ausencia" compares a lot better to the version of Pugliese/Chanel from 1944. The version of "Gitana rusa" is very different to the more famous Malerba version but I like the song and the differences. I wanted to start with "Te llama mi violín" and finish with "Gitana rusa" (of which I have cut the first 20 seconds of the long intro) while I juggled the second and third songs back and forth. I think they work either way but "El dia..." follows the opening song better.

I think the outcome is quite a beautiful tanda that is suitable to be played at the late hours of a milonga. I hope you enjoy it!

Fresedo, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Serpa, Oscar - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tanda of the Week 33 / 2012 - Bachicha y Emilia Garcia


1. Bachicha / Emilia García - "Oración"1930
2. Bachicha / Emilia García - "Mama Yo Quiero Un Novio"1928
3. Bachicha / Emilia García y Juan Raggi - "Se Va La Vida"1930
4. Bachicha / Emilia García - "Yira...Yira" 1931

Here's another guest dj tanda this time from Björn Müller from Switzerland. I was happy to hear he has a similar background to mine having started as a hip hop/soul-dj and then later became a tango dancer and a tango dj. Here's what he had to say about the tanda:

"To further expand the scope of the fine TOTW selection, I thought about a new tanda featuring Juan Bautista Deambroggio's ('Bachicha') orchestra. He was among the first young Argentine musicians that brought tango to Paris and, with his 'Orchestre Argentin Bachicha' even toured throughout Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East. So a true Tango nomad of the early days!
Always searching for danceable songs with female vocalists - I try to play at least one each milonga, mostly at the end - I like Bachicha's recordings with the female vocalist Emilia García. She has a playful yet not dominating style that makes the tracks well danceable.

Starting with the church bells, the tone is set for a special tanda, with a dramaturgy going from sad (Oración) to happy and mundane (Mama yo quiero un novio) and then finally to 'existential' (Se va la vida & Yira Yira). Life in a tanda, 'round and round it goes'!

In that way this tanda expresses also some of the things I aim for as DJ: paying close attention to the 'energies' in the music and the milonga, performing vital 'dramaturgies' over the course of a milonga and within each tanda. Enjoy!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tanda of the Week 32 / 2012 - Rodolfo Biagi y Teofilo Ibañez (valses)


1. Rodolfo Biagi / Teofilo Ibañez - "Viejo portón" 1938 - TangoTunes
2. Rodolfo Biagi / Teofilo Ibañez - "Lejos de tí" 1938 - TangoTunes
3. Rodolfo Biagi / Teofilo Ibañez - "Loca de amor" 1938 - TangoTunes is the 2nd anniversary of Tanda of the Week! This is the 106th tanda (the first week I posted two tandas) and I wanted to celebrate with some of my favorite valses.

A big thank you to all the followers of TOTW and the guest dj's who have contributed to the blog! I couldn't have done this with out you. Keep the tandas, comments, requests and suggestions coming!

Biagi, Rodolfo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - TangoTunes - iTunes Store

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tanda of the Week 31 / 2012 - Dj Roberto Lehner - mixed orchestras


1. Enrique Discépolo / Tania "Un reproche" 1938
2. Carlos y Ramón Lobos / Pedro Beramendi - " La Voz De Canillita" 1939
3. Roberto Zerrillo - "Chiqué" 1940
4. Orquesta Típica VíctorTeofilo Ibañez- "Derecho viejo" 1934

Here is another guest tanda from Roberto Lehner from Basel, Switzerland. This is what he had to say about the tanda: 

"Normally i don’t mix singers or orchestras in the same tanda. But as i don’t have so many from Discepolo, Carlos y Ramon Lobos and Roberto Zerrillo, i had to mix them. I'm happy with the result. A tanda for lovers of the guardia vieja."

Thank you Roberto! Check out more tandas from Roberto Lehner.

Tanda of the Week 30 / 2012 - Lucio Demare y Horacio Quintana

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tanda of the Week 29 / 2012 -
Juan D'Arienzo y Alberto Reynal


1. Juan D'Arienzo - "El resero" 1941
2. Juan D'Arienzo / Alberto Reynal - "Almanaque de ilusión" 1941
1. Juan D'Arienzo / Alberto Reynal - "Chirusa" 1940
1. Juan D'Arienzo / Alberto Reynal - "El corazón me engañó" 1940

Alberto Reynal
Let me first say a big thank you to Galeria Ideal in Vienna and Milonga del Rio in Rome for having me dj at their milongas and I'd also like to thank the dancers and the tango community for giving me a warm welcome. This week I'll be in Berlin for my circus training (and dancing of course) and next week I'll play in the Tango D'amore Festival in Odessa, Ukraine.


While Alberto Reynal is not one of the most known or played singers of D'Arienzo the recordings like "Almanaque de ilusíon" and "El corazón me engaño" are some of my top favorites (it's a long list of favorites though). With this tanda I wanted to try to start with an instrumental that would have the qualities of the following vocal songs. This might cause some mixed emotions from the dancers and I'd love to hear what you think about it. I'm picturing the orchestra play at a milonga and starting with some instrumentals before bringing the singer on stage. And I believe I found two songs that follow each other perfectly in "El resero" and "Almanaque de ilusíon". I've done this with a few tandas before on the blog and they're tagged with the label vocal/instrumental.

D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tanda of the Week 28/2012 -
Carlos Lafuente con OTV, Marcucci, Los Provincianos y Carabelli

Carlos Lafuente

1. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Carlos Lafuente - "Nunca tuvo novio" 1930
2. Carlos Marcucci / Carlos Lafuente - "Si supieras" 1931
3. Los Provincianos / Carlos Lafuente - "Noviecita" 1933
4. Adolfo Carabelli / Carlos Lafuente - "Pa' que lagrimear" 1933's a special selection of tangos sung by Carlos Lafuente (1908-1989) with four different orchestras. 

"Carlos had facility to sing and he started at a very young age. He began as professional in the 20s, as a estribillista (refrain singer). His most important performance then was in the Orquesta Típica Victor. He was the singer with the largest number of recordings with that outfit. No less than 33 renditions. His first record was “Justo el 31”, with “Rajá, rajá de acá”, tango by Juan Baüer, on the other side. Another standouts are his recordings of “Nunca tuvo novio”, “Canción de la ribera” and “Cacareando”, a milonga written by Sureda.

Likewise he appeared with the orchestra known as “Los Provincianos" with which he cut several recordings, among others: the tangos “Sabalaje”, written by Primiani and Casanova, “Montevideo”, by Fontaina and Soliño and the Romeo’s waltz “Un placer”. He also had an extensive recording activity with the Adolfo Carabelli’s orchestra. With Carlos Marcucci’s outfit he cut only one number, the tango “Tinieblas” penned by Vardaro and Velich. [EDIT: to my knowledge this is not exactly true. He recorded also "Si supieras" and a ranchera "La antrevida". There are also two versions of "Tinieblas", one with Roberto Diaz/Marcucci.] Furthermore, he was vocalist of the group led by Antonio Sureda with which he committed to record two numbers.

His performance was outstanding, he was a special kind of voice to sing melodies of all sorts: waltzes, rancheras, folk and Spanish songs. Everything he did was all right. If we count all his recordings they are over two hundred renderings. He as well recorded with guitars and cut 22 sides accompanied on bandoneon by Ciriaco Ortiz. He appeared on the LR5, LR9 and LS8 radio stations of Buenos Aires. In the late 40s he was gradually withdrawing from show business.

If we had to define him in two words we would say that he was a great interpreter of danceable tango and was deeply influenced by Gardel."

- Salvador Lo Nigro, TodoTango

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Tanda of the Week 27/2012 -
Domingo Federico

Federico Domingo, Carlos Vidal y Oscar Larroca
1. Domingo FedericoCarlos Vidal - "Senda florida" 1945 - TangoTunes
2. Domingo FedericoCarlos Vidal - "Para qué te quiero tanto" 1945 - TangoTunes
3. Domingo Federico / C. Vidal, Oscar Larroca - "Un pasaje de mi vida" 1946 - TangoTunes
4. Domingo FedericoCarlos Vidal - "Tu melodía" 1944 - TangoTunes

Domingo Federico was an unforgettable musician and inspired melody maker, composer, bandoneon player and orchestra leader. He played in the Juan Canaro Orchestra and also in the orchestra of Miguel Calo before...

" 1943 he split with Caló to put together his own orchestra, with which he debuted to great acclaim at the Select Buen Orden café, with his vocalists Alberto Tagle and Alfredo Castel. As a curious information we can say that the double bass was played by his father who, always eager in his search, had as well learnt the secrets of this instrument.

Besides Alberto Tagle and Alfredo Castel, he had Ignacio Díaz, Carlos Vidal, Oscar Larroca, Mario Bustos, Hugo Roca, Enzo Valentino, Dante Rossi, Carlos Valdés, Armando Moreno, Rubén Sánchez and Rubén Maciel as vocalists.

Of all them, Carlos Vidal was undoubtedly the most outstanding. The one who imposed all his personality, in renditions that shall remain indelible in our memory, such is the case of tango tunes like "Yuyo verde" and "Yo"."

- By Ricardo García Blaya, TodoTango

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tanda of the Week 26 / 2012 -
Various orchestras - milongas

Dj Antti Suniala - Atelieri O. Haapala

1. Francisco Lomuto / Fernando Díaz - "No hay tierra como la mía" 1939
2. Edgardo Donato / H. Lagos, R. Gavioli - "Sentir del corazón" 1940
3. Francisco Canaro / Ernesto Famá - "Después de quererla tanto" 1940'm sometimes a bit hesitant to start a milonga tanda very strong. Instead I start the tandas a bit slow and increase the tempo of the songs towards the end. Not in this case. From the first notes of the first song the dancers will know that this tanda means business. And often (again when time is right) the stronger the first milonga the faster the dancers run to the floor.

Visiting Buenos Aires I heard many dj's mixing orchestras in the vals and milonga tandas and I'm trying to do more of the same now. This tanda is so far untested in the milongas as I just made it up but I think it would work well when the time and atmosphere is right. (Edit: The tanda works great and got great comments from dancers)

Unfortunately the last milonga from Canaro is not available on Spotify or Deezer.

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