Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tanda of the Week 51 / 2011 -
Carlos Di Sarli y Mario Pomar

1. Carlos Di Sarli / Mario Pomar - "Nido gaucho" 1955
2. Carlos Di Sarli / Mario Pomar - "No me pregunten por qué" 1952
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Mario Pomar - "Duelo criollo" 1952
4. Carlos Di Sarli / Mario Pomar - "Patotero sentimental" 1953 weeks guest dj tanda featuring Di Sarli with Mario Pomar comes from Esmaeil Jahanshahi from Trondheim, Norway. Pomar (originally Mario Corrales) recorded many great songs with Di Sarli but going through Todo Tango and reading about Pomar I found out that he was also the singer in one of my favorite valses "Temo" by OTV:

"On May 8, 1939, he made his debut on record when he recorded with the Orquesta Típica Víctor the waltz "Vuelve otra vez" written by María Teresa Lara and the ranchera "La mentirosa" composed by José Luis Padula with lyrics by Lito Bayardo. On May 10, 1940, he cut his last recording with this aggregation (under the name Mario Corrales): the waltz "Temo", by A. Gálvez and Aguariguay.


Among the most important pieces he recorded at this stage it's worth mentioning the Di Sarli's and Reynaldo Pignataro's tango "No me pregunten por qué" that he recorded twice, one for Music Hall in 1952 and another for Victor in 1954 and, that same year, perhaps the most brilliant of his interpretations, "Tormenta", one of the profound pieces of that superior poet of tango: Enrique Santos Discépolo.

Unfortunately, in the late 1955, due to contract problems, all the members of the orchestra quit. Pomar's last recording with them was his second rendering of "Nido gaucho" on September 16, 1955. This piece was premiered on record by Alberto Podestá in 1942."

- By Abel Palermo, TodoTango

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tanda of the Week 50 / 2011 - Roberto Firpo

Listen to the tanda - MP3

1. Roberto Firpo - "Mentias" 1927
2. Roberto Firpo - "Sangre Maleva" 1929
3. Roberto Firpo - "Pablo"1927
4. Roberto Firpo - "Cotorrita de la Suerte" 1927

Here's another guest dj tanda from Bärbel Rücker from Denmark. She takes us back to the instrumental tangos of the 1920's with Roberto Firpo.

"Either as leader, interpreter or composer, Roberto Firpo (1884-1969) is one of the first evolutionists tango had. On those early days of the típicas, he definitively established the piano in the tango orchestra. 

As player, he possessed a quite polished style –as can be verified with the exquisite solos he recorded- and he began the use of the foot pedal, which offers a better resonance. As composer, he introduced into tango the romantic air, which until then was alien to that genre created for the dancers'feet."

- by Roberto Selles and Néstor Pinsón, Todo Tango

DJ Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar -
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tanda of the Week 49 / 2011 - Juan D'Arienzo y Héctor Mauré

1. Juan D'Arienzo / Héctor Mauré - "Ya lo ves" 1941
2. Juan D'Arienzo / Héctor Mauré - "Tierrita" 1941
3. Juan D'Arienzo / Héctor Mauré - "Sobre el pucho" 1941
4. Juan D'Arienzo / Héctor Mauré - "Nunca más" 1941 This tanda has been updated and changed from the original on 30.05.2014 ---

It's time for a tanda from Héctor Mauré, one of the great vocalists best known for the recordings with D'Arienzo in 1940-1944. After Alberto Echague had temporarily split with D'Arienzo in 1939, besides Mauré, D'Arienzo worked with singers Alberto Reynal, Juan Carlos Lamas and Carlos Casares. While the previously mentioned singers recorded some amazing songs (that I love but play more seldomly) it is Mauré that stands ou
t the most and from the 50 recordings with D'Arienzo a dj can find a good selection of tangos for tandas of different moods.

"His most important researcher, Eduardo Visconti, so defines his style and his voice: «His interpretation was dramatic and at the same time, melodic. A peculiar voice, with a baritone-tenor range, pleasant timbre and clear diction, strong voice, melodious and with good intonation, clearly influenced by Gardel.»"

- Héctor Mauré, by Néstor Pinsón, TodoTango

D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tanda of the Week 48 / 2011 -
Anibal Troilo (milonga)

Anibal Troilo 1971

1. Aníbal Troilo / Francisco Fiorentino - "Ficha de oro" 1942
Aníbal Troilo / Francisco Fiorentino & Alberto Marino - "El desafío" 1944
Aníbal Troilo / Francisco Fiorentino - "Del tiempo guapo" 1941 - TangoTunes

This is a guest DJ tanda from DJ Gabriel Valiente, originally from Rosario, Argentina but living in Barcelona, Spain. "This is one of my favorite milonga tandas. The inspiration for making this tanda came from Sebastián Arce, who was using one of these three songs in his lessons while complaining that you would not hear it played very often. I have chosen them because they share a recurring melodic theme and at the same time, they offer the dancer much rhythmic variation."

Check out the growing collection of digitalized Troilo shellacs in the in great quality.

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Fiorentino, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tango - - TangoTunes - iTunes StoreMarino, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tango Finlandia

Finnish Tango Playlist on Spotify
There are a lot of people interested in finnish tango so I decided to make a Spotify playlist of some of my favorites. The playlist includes tangos mainly from the 30's-50's era (the 60's-00's era might be more popular with the actual dancers of finnish tango) and also some vals, jenkka and foxtrot. I have previously posted one tanda of finnish tango on the blog.

If you are interested in getting some old finnish tango for your collection then I recommend looking for the collections from the Dallapé-orchestra and Sointu record company besides the more obvious Olavi Virta, Veikko Tuomi, Henry Theel and others. Bare in mind though that all the compilations will also include other styles of music than just tango.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tanda of the Week 47 / 2011 -
Carlos Di Sarli y Roberto Rufino

1. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Cascabelito" 1941
2. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Todo" 1943
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Griseta" 1941
4. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "En un beso la vida" 1940's time to introduce the great Roberto Rufino who has been featured on the blog previously only in a vals tanda from Di Sarli. This is one of my favorite tandas at the moment and I can't get enough of Di Sarli with Rufino. Rufino was born in 1922 so he was only 18 when he recorded "En un beso la vida"!

All the songs in this tanda are classics that have been recorded by other orchestras as well: "Cascabelito" by Pugliese, "Todo" by Laurenz, "Griseta" by Biagi and "En un beso la vida" by Canaro for example. This version of "Cascabelito" is my favorite and I always feel a bit uncomfortable playing the Pugliese version. What I sometimes do is that I play a Pugliese tanda and follow it with the Di Sarli / Rufino version of "Cascabelito" as it is well-known as versions from both orchestras and it makes a nice connection between the two tandas.

"Listening to Roberto Rufino when he sang "María" or "La novia ausente" or "Malena" or any of the tangos he had chosen for his repertoire, was to realize that that tango was unraveling little by little and that the words sprang up separately, without forsaking the whole that gathered them, with the proper strength they had to have in their context. Rufino was that: a storyteller, a phraser, an interpreter that perfectly knew which was the meaning of what he was singing.

[...] Carlos Garay, Carlos Di Sarli´s agent, heard him sing the tango written by Di Sarli and Enrique Carrera Sotelo, "Milonguero viejo", he told his principal about it and the latter included him in his orchestra, with which he was able to record on December 11, 1939, the tango "Corazón", by Di Sarli and Héctor Marcó. Fame had already touched him with its magic wand and «at the age of 21 or 22, he had a unprecedented discographic record», as the journalist Jorge Sturla says. In fact, he recorded, together with Di Sarli, forty-six numbers."

-by Roberto Selles, TodoTango

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Rufino, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

The cortina is from a finnish band Jo Stance - "Tell me / Girls". Someone needs to tell her how the cabeceo works ;)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tanda of the Week 46 / 2011 -
Rodolfo Biagi y Alberto Lago

1. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "Te odio" 1942 - TangoTunes
2. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "Metido // Enamorado" 1942 - TangoTunes
3. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "No puede ser" 1941 - TangoTunes
4. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "Arrebato" 1942 - TangoTunes

Here's another guest dj tanda, this time from Dj Stephan Resch originally from Germany but living in Auckland, New Zealand.

"Biagi recorded only 5 tracks with Lago, four tangos and the heavenly "Amor y vals". These tangos are a wonderful example of Biagi's strong staccato rhythms, his effervescent playfulness and his challenging arrangements. It is a great to tanda to play instead of the more common Biagi/Ortiz sets."

Stephan also chose the cortina"Die Frau von Ungefähr" from the German group 17 hippies (I edited it into an instrumental cortina). Enjoy the tanda and thank you Stephan!

Stephan is running a TangoClub in Auckland. They organise milongas, community workshops, invite international teachers and maintain a website relating to things about tango in Auckland:

Biagi, Rodolfo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - TangoTunes - iTunes Store

Lago, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Tanda of the Week 45 / 2011 -
Osvaldo Pugliese

Listen to the tanda - MP3 - Spotify

1. Osvaldo Pugliese - "La yumba" 1952
2. Osvaldo Pugliese - "Patético" 1948
3. Osvaldo Pugliese - "La cachila" 1952
4. Osvaldo Pugliese - "Gallo ciego" 1959

More from the grand maestro Pugliese. Played this tanda last night. I love seeing how there's no hesitation when the dancers hear the first notes of the first song in the tanda and run for the dance floor.

Pugliese, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tanda of the Week 44 / 2011 -
Carlos Di Sarli 1950s instrumentals - DJ Antti Suniala

1. Carlos Di Sarli - "A la gran muñeca" 1954
2. Carlos Di Sarli - "Viviani" 1956
3. Carlos Di Sarli - "Nueve puntos" 1956
4. Carlos Di Sarli - "El ingeniero" 1955'm a rather traditional dancer who believes in perfecting the basic technique, embrace and musicality of dancing and therefore I believe that once you have reached a certain level you can learn the most by going to milongas and actually dance, dance and dance. Not saying you shouldn't attend classes as well but I recently realized there are some benefits to not going to tango classes and just going to milongas: You can fully appreciate the 50's Di Sarli instrumentals for what they are and you don't get the feeling of these songs being over-played since they are the chosen music of most classes. Enjoy!

Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tanda of the Week 43 / 2011 - Enrique Rodríguez

Enrique Rodríguez

1. Enrique Rodríguez / Armando Moreno - "A media luz" 1940
2. Enrique Rodríguez / Armando Moreno - "En la buena y en la mala" 1940
3. Enrique Rodríguez / Armando Moreno - "Llorar por una mujer" 1941
4. Enrique Rodríguez / Armando Moreno - "Cómo se pianta la vida" 1940"This peculiar musician is a faithful follower of the traditional rhythmical style played by Edgardo Donato and Juan D'Arienzo. Criticized by innovators and praised by the dancers, his orchestra enjoyed a great popularity in the forties and fifties, either in Argentina or in the rest of Latin America.

His style was a breakthrough for the groups of the period, because he played all kinds of genres, introduced miscellaneous instruments and his repertoire, always assorted, only included merry or romantic tunes. But when he played tango, you heard the brilliant sound of a well-rehearsed orchestra, with simple nice arrangements and also with very good vocalists.

The collector and researcher Emilio Pichetti tells us: «Enrique Rodríguez was a complete functional musician, besides playing bandoneon, he equally played piano and violin or brandished the baton. He was talented and was fast to easily write simple arrangements and versions of consecrated classical and popular melodies of all countries, without depriving them of their essence of international beat. So the success of his orchestra was strengthened not only in our milieu, but also in the whole continent for the delight of listeners and dancers»."

"The singer that stood out was, undoubtedly, Armando Moreno, "El niño Moreno", who joined the orchestra in three different periods. This team left indelible footprints in the tango memory."

- By Ricardo García Blaya,

Rodríguez, Enrique - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tanda of the Week 42 / 2011 - Anibal Troilo

Listen to the tanda - MP3

1. Anibal Troilo - "Quejas de bandoneón" 1952
2. Anibal Troilo - "Ojos negros" 1953
3. Anibal Troilo - "Prepárense" 1951
4. Anibal Troilo - "Melancólico" 1963

I'm going way out of my comfort zone as a dj with this tanda and I've never played any of these songs in a milonga yet. I've been looking into a lot of 1950's music lately and also into alternatives for Pugliese to give people their dose of the "grande pasión" with orchestras like Troilo, Gobbi and Demarco.

I think the song I really wanted to play was "Melancólico" which has been one of my favorite "concert" tangos and even as a very traditional tango dancer I feel I would enjoy dancing to it with the right partner. I wanted to find songs that had similar style and drama but I felt the very similar classics like "Orlando Goñi" and "Danzarin" made the tanda too massive so to speak so I started the tanda with the familiar "Quejas de bandoneón". I had both the '52 and '58 version and although the soundscape of the later version is more similar to "Melancólico" from 1963 I preferred the earlier version. I went through all of the instrumentals between 1950-1963 and wanted to have the tanda go smoothly through the time period but ended up sticking to the songs from 1951-1953 and then jumping up to 1963. "Prepárense" is one of Piazzolla's classic compositions which suits the style of the tanda well and in order to bridge the gap of the sound quality I changed "Melancólico" from stereo (stereo recording became widespread in the music business by the 3rd quarter of 1957) to mono format which flattened the song a bit in a good way. I hope nobody minds this editing but I assure you this procedure is also good for the playability of the song for milongas as stereo recordings might sound different in the sound system. I also added some reverb to the end of the songs to make the transitions from song to the next smoother.

I concidered songs like "Inspiracion", "Responso", Contratiempo", "Cenizas", "Para lucirse", "A mis viejos" and the earlier mentioned "Danzarin" and "Orlando Goñi" but decided to leave them for other tandas. I believe this tanda is too much for most dancers and therefore I've decided to leave this one on the shelf so to speak and play something else from Troilo in the milongas. Nevertheless these songs are great for listening as they are true masterpieces of tango music.

EDIT 26.8.2013: I still have never played this one in a milonga but I really love to listen to this tanda. I will make a Spotify playlist for this soon....

Check out the growing collection of digitalized Troilo shellacs in the in great quality.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tanda of the Week 41 / 2011 -
Miguel Caló (vals)

1. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Pedacito de cielo" 1942
2. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Bajo un cielo de estrellas" 1941
3. Miguel Caló / Raúl Berón - "El vals soñador" 1942"The Miguel Caló orchestra will be remembered as the best tango performance, one that goes beyond its age and that today is recognized for its great artistic qualities..." By Ricardo García Blaya, Todo Tango.

When it comes to valses it don't get much more classic than this. The heavenly two valses from Caló and Podestá are some of the most played valses in milongas and I want to get on the dance floor every single time I hear them. There's some variation to which vals is the third one to go with these songs and you can choose from "El vals soñador","Valcesito" or "No te olvides de mi corazón" from Caló for example.

Calo, Miguel - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store
Podestá, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tanda of the Week 40 / 2011 -
Francisco Lomuto con Charlo

1. Francisco Lomuto - "Guapito" 1928
2. Francisco Lomuto / Charlo - "Misa de Once" 1929
3. Francisco Lomuto / Charlo - "San Telmo" 1932
4. Francisco Lomuto / Charlo - "Dónde estás, corazón?" 1928 like some of the 20's recordings from Lomuto and these tangos with the great Charlo are some of my favorites. You don't hear much of Charlo in the milongas I guess mostly since on a lot of the recordings he played a bigger part than the orchestra which makes the songs not so suitable for dancing. However he did recordings with the likes of Lomuto, Carabelli and Canaro and left us many great and very danceable tangos.

"Charlo is, after Carlos Gardel, the most important singer in tango, although, unlike him he did not become a popular myth. He was the vocalist who recorded most, in a discographic career started in 1925 and ended in 1967. However, the main part of his recordings are concentrated in only four years, from 1928 to 1931. In most of those renditions he reaches a level comparable to Gardel's. Like him, he was responsible for establishing an emotional style though austere and without exaggerations, of perfect intonation and attentive musicianship. As composer he displayed his great melodic talent, giving birth to important pieces in tango romanza style."

- Julio Nudler on Todo Tango

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Charlo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tanda of the Week 39 / 2011 - Ángel D'Agostino

Listen to the tanda - MP3  - Spotify

1. Ángel D'Agostino / Ángel Vargas - "El yacaré" 1941
2. Ángel D'Agostino / Ángel Vargas - "Adios arrabal" 1941
3. Ángel D'Agostino / Ángel Vargas - "Una pena" 1941
4. Ángel D'Agostino / Ángel Vargas - "Tres esquinas" 1941

I noticed there was a disturbing lack of D'Agostino tandas on the blog so here are some true tango classics to fix that. Enjoy!

D'Agostino, Ángel - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tanda of the Week 38 / 2011 -
Osvaldo Pugliese con Jorge Maciel

Jorge Maciel, Osvaldo Pugliese
& Miguel Montero

1. Osvaldo Pugliese / Jorge Maciel - "Remembranza" 1956 
2. Osvaldo Pugliese / Jorge Maciel - "Adiós, corazón" 1958
3. Osvaldo Pugliese / Jorge Maciel - "Y todavía te quiero" 1956
4. Osvaldo Pugliese / Jorge Maciel - "Cascabelito" 1955

The greatest hits of Pugliese and Maciel! Another version of the heavenly "Remembranza" can be found in a tanda from Ricardo Malerba.

Pugliese, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Tanda of the Week 37 / 2011 -
Lucio Demare con Juan Carlos Miranda

Listen to the tanda - MP3

1. Lucio Demare / Juan Carlos Miranda - "Malena" 1942
2. Lucio Demare / Juan Carlos Miranda - "Mañana zarpa un barco" 1942
3. Lucio Demare / Juan Carlos Miranda - "Pa' mí es igual" 1942
4. Lucio Demare / Juan Carlos Miranda - "Sorbos Amargos" 1942

Lucio Demare
One of my favorite tandas right now. Depending on the mood of the milonga I sometimes replace "Sorbos amargos" with another great song from Demare and Miranda "No te apures, cara blanca" (of which there's a great version from Troilo also as well as "Malena"). A lot of dancers love Lucio Demare's unique sound which is completed with amazing singers like Juan Carlos Miranda, Raúl Berón and Horacio Quintana.

Demare, Lucio - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tanda of the Week 36 / 2011 - Edgardo Donato

Listen to the tanda - Spotify

1. Edgardo Donato / Horacio Lagos - "El adiós" 1938
2. Edgardo Donato / Lita Morales y Romeo Gavioli - "Mi serenata" 1940
3. Edgardo Donato / Horacio Lagos - "Te busco" 1941
4. Edgardo Donato / Romeo Gavioli - "La melodía del corazón" 1940

I think I played this one in my very first milonga and I still like this tanda.

Donato, Edgardo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Tanda of the Week 35 / 2011 -
Ricardo Tanturi con Enrique Campos

1. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Oigo tu voz" 1943 
2. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Una emoción" 1943 
3. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Dos palabras, por favor" 1944 
4. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Recién" 1944
Here's another tanda of classics from Ricardo Tanturi. Earlier I have posted tandas from Tanturi with Alberto Castillo on the vocals and this time it's the turn of Enrique Campos who was the other great vocalist of Tanturi's orchestra. This tanda includes the Tanturi/Campos version of "Recién" which was also featured on the tanda from Laurenz/Podesta. Listen to both versions for comparison.

I originally made this tanda with "Igual que un bandoneón" as the third song but since it's unavailable on Spotify and Deezer I changed it to another great song "Dos palabras...."


Tanturi, Ricardo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Campos, Enrique - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tanda of the Week 34 / 2011 - Juan D'Arienzo

1. Juan D'Arienzo - "Lorenzo" 1936
2. Juan D'Arienzo - "Union Civica" 1938
3. Juan D'Arienzo - "Lelia" 1938
4. Juan D'Arienzo - "Retintín" 1936
So far there's been quite a lof of tandas from D'Arienzo on my blog and there's a good reason for it as there are so many great classic recordings from the maestro and his orchestra. I could go many ways with just the instrumentals from the 30's but the opening track of this tanda "Lorenzo" got me hooked with the playful beginning and the amazing violin so I went with the mid-uptempo cheerfulness all the way. This tanda will leave you in a good mood for sure! Enjoy!

D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tanda of the Week 33 / 2011 -
Enrique Rodriguez con
Roberto Flores

Listen to the tanda - MP3

1. Enrique Rodriguez / Roberto Flores - "Dejame ser asi" 1938
2. Enrique Rodriguez / Roberto Flores - "Son cosas del bandoneon" 1936
3. Enrique Rodriguez / Roberto Flores - "Vendrás alguna vez" 1938
4. Enrique Rodriguez / Roberto Flores - "Si no me engaña el corazon" 1939

Enjoy! Check out also the earlier tandas from Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, Enrique - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Flores, Roberto - TOTW 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tanda of the Week 32 / 2011 - Carlos Di Sarli con Alberto Podestá

1. Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podestá - "Tú el cielo y tú" 1944
2. Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podestá - "Junto a tu corazón" 1942
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podestá - "No está" 1942
4. Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podestá - "Nada" 1944 has already been a year since I started my blog with a tanda from Ricardo Malerba. I want to thank all the followers of the blog for your comments and all the guest dj's who have shared their tandas with all of us.
What better way to celebrate than with a tanda of absolute classics! Here's some more Podestá for comparison to last weeks tanda this time with Carlos Di Sarli.

Another version of "Tú el cielo y tú" in a tanda from Rodriguez.

Another version of "Junto a tu corazón" in a José García tanda.

Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Podestá, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tanda of the Week 31 / 2011 -
Pedro Laurenz con Alberto Podestá

Listen to the tanda - Spotify

1. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Recien" 1943-09-22
2. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Como el hornero" 1944-01-14
3. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Veinticuatro de Agosto" 1943-04-16
4. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Nunca tuvo novio" 1943-04-16

This is not the tanda that I most often play from Laurenz and Podestá but I like it a lot nevertheless. I had the tracks in reversed order first to have a more smooth romantic start but later changed it to start with the more familiar, although darker, "Recien" and then finish with "Nunca tuvo novio". Pure perfection from Alberto Podestá in all of the songs.

Click on the labels or here for more of my tandas from Laurenz and Podestá.

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Podestá, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 

Tanda of the Week 30 / 2011 -
Ricardo Pedevilla

Ricardo Pedevilla, Daniel Alvarez & Nicolás Pepe 1935

1. Ricardo Pedevilla - "El pollo ricardo"
2. Ricardo Pedevilla - "El caburé"
3. Ricardo Pedevilla - "Siete palabras"

4. Ricardo Pedevilla - "El amanacer" 1950 - Spotify

I sometimes like to play this tanda from Ricardo Pedevilla as an alternative to Di Sarli instrumentals. The songs are very similar but still very different. Unfortunately only the amazing "El Amanacer" is available on Spotify.

Information about Ricardo Pedevilla on Todo Tango and on