Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tanda of the Week 01 / 2013 -
Osvaldo Pugliese y Alberto Morán - "Pasional"


1. Osvaldo Pugliese / Alberto Morán - "Pasional" 1951
2. Osvaldo Pugliese / Alberto Morán - "Y volvemos a querernos" 1949
3. Osvaldo Pugliese / Alberto Morán - "Hacelo por la vieja" 1950
4. Osvaldo Pugliese / Alberto Morán - "La mentirosa" 1954

What better way to start the tandas of a new year than with Osvaldo Pugliese and Alberto Morán. This tanda is brand new and it will premiere tonight at our accordingly named milonga: "La Pasión" in Berlin.

According to Todo Tango, Morán recorded 54 songs with maestro Pugliese in 1945 to 1954, and I have created this Spotify playlist of recordings of Alberto Morán/Osvaldo Pugliese, which, at the moment, includes 46 songs in chronological order. Check out more of my Spotify playlists at

Pugliese, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store 
Morán, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store


Tanda of the Week 52 / 2012 - José Garcia - DJ Patricia Petronio

1. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "A lo mejor, quién te dice?" 1942
2. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "Cuna de tango" 1944
3. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "Qué no sepan las estrellas" 1945
4. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "Adiós, adiós, corazón" 1942

This tanda comes from DJ Patricia Petronio from Australia. She runs the Tango Salón Adelaide and they have a monthly milonga "Comme il Faut" which celebrated it's 5th anniversary recently. Thank you Patricia!

Unfortunately these songs are not available on Spotify but you can listen to the "Calla Bandoneon" album by José Garcia y Sus Zorros Grices. I would recommend looking for CD's of José Garcia from the Buenos Aires Tango Club. Many releases of these quite rare recordings are in poor quality and often the pitch is incorrect like in some of the songs from the "Motivo sentimental" collection featured in the picture.

Garcia, José / Rojas, Alfredo -

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tanda of the Week 2012 / 51 - Ricardo Tanturi y Alberto Castillo "Así se baila el tango"


1. Ricardo Tanturi / Alberto Castillo - "Cuatro compases" 1942
2. Ricardo Tanturi / Alberto Castillo - "Al compás de un tango" 1942
3. Ricardo Tanturi / Alberto Castillo - "El tango es el tango" 1942
4. Ricardo Tanturi / Alberto Castillo - "Así se baila el tango" 1942

Here's a very classic tango tanda from Ricardo Tanturi with Alberto Castillo as the singer. Tanturi performed and recorded a selection of songs targeted directly for the milongueros and here are four tangos about tango. You can read more about "Así se baila el tango" at the website.

I've recently started another blog called "Tango, vals & milonga", in which I recommend tango playlists, music and albums on Spotify, as well as try to find the best quality versions available online or elsewhere. There are a lot of Tanturi releases out there with bad quality versions of these songs. Making this tanda for TOTW made me buy new versions of all the songs. Some songs had too much reverb and there are two versions of "El tango es el tango" with different pitch. I recommend DJ's to try to tune their ear to the tone of the vocals, which usually tells you if the song is in the wrong pitch. Another indicator is ofcourse the actual lenght of the song.

About the tanda itself: You could (and some say should) put "Asi se baila el tango" as the first song (and "Cuatro compases" as the last one), but this time I chose to do it this way due to "Cuatro compases" having a different beginning of the song compared to the other three songs. All the others have a very direct start getting right down to business with the strong rhythm and bandoneons, where "Cuatro compases" makes you wait a bit and then treats you with the beautiful violin solo. So having the different beginning in the very beginning of the tanda will have the rest of the tanda flowing smoothly.

Tanturi, Ricardo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Castillo, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tanda of the Week 50 / 2012 -
Enrique Rodriguez (instrumentals)


1. Enrique Rodríguez - "Zorro gris" 1946
2. Enrique Rodríguez - "La torcacita" 1940
3. Enrique Rodríguez - "Florida" 1941
4. Enrique Rodríguez - "El morochito" 1941

Enrique Rodriguez
This tanda is from one of the TOTW regular guest dj's Chris from UK.

"Tanda of The Week doesn't yet have a Rodríguez instrumental tango tanda, so I thought you might like to have this contribution from me. Beginner DJs, this is well worth a listen, next time you hear someone repeat the misguided rule that says a good tanda cannot include tracks recorded more than four years apart...

I played this last weekend on the closing night of Etonathon, at which milongueros and milongueras from all over the country gathered for a four-day festival of pure dancing - no classes or shows. The full list of the music I played can be seen here. Happy New Year!"

- DJ Chris

Below you have the tanda as a Spotify playlist as well as more versions of these same songs by other orchestras.