Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tanda of the Week 25/2016 - Juan D'Arienzo instrumental milongas!!!

1. Juan D'Arienzo - "El potro" 1949
2. Juan D'Arienzo - "La espuela" 1946
3. Juan D'Arienzo - "Milonga de mis amores" 1970

https://open.spotify.com/user/anttiveikko/playlist/7iFNwsQlCSFu56XCxus8fXhttp://www.deezer.com/playlist/1951313742I had the pleasure of DJ'ing at the 3rd edition of the Tangosauna tangomarathon for the third time (!!!) and here's one of the milongatandas I played. I was scrolling through the D'Arienzo discography and was flirting with the idea of playing something like "Milonga que peina canas" (Spotify) but ended up going all instrumental. Unfortunately there are not many great instrumental milonga recordings from D'Arienzo but I felt like this tanda went down great and was nicely refreshing.


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