Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Tanda of the Week 31 / 2013 - Osvaldo Pugliese y Roberto Chanel

Pugliese with Moran and Chanel.

1. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "Rondando tu esquina" 1945
2. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "La abandoné y no sabía" 1944
3. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "El día de tu ausencia" 1944
4. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "Corrientes y Esmeralda" 1944's some of my and many other's favorite Pugliese with the singer Roberto Chanel."[Roberto Chanel] was an excellent singer, delicate, with a warm tenderness, a typical symbol of his period. However, he was not widely known save for tango people, collectors or, at the most, by those who lived at his time. For the connoisseurs, he was the best Pugliese's vocalist, neither the most popular nor the most renowned, but the one who best and with the highest finesse represented the maestro.

The first recording of the orchestra for the Odeon label was on July 15, 1943, the sides were: "El rodeo" (by Agustín Bardi) and "Farol" (by the Expósito brothers), the latter with Chanel as vocalist.
With Pugliese he recorded 31 tunes (three in duo with Alberto Morán), those which stand out are "Fuimos", "Consejo de oro", "El sueño del pibe"  and "Yo te bendigo".

The researcher Nélida Rouchetto described him this way: «With his nasal sound, his canyengue and his common man's diction he kept alive the popular roots that gave rise to the city music. It was Chanel who identified himself like an orchestra instrument, in the manner of a viola, as can be verified since his first recording».

After he split with Pugliese, he was member of the Florindo Sassone Orchestra with whom he recorded 16 tracks for the RCA-Victor company. Some of the numbers were: "Corrientes angosta" (by Ángel Gatti), "Ríe payaso" (by Virgilio Carmona and Emilio Falero) and "Flor de fango" (by Augusto Gentile and Pascual Contursi)."

Néstor Pinsón, on Roberto Chanel


I've always had a funny personal memory connected to the song "Rondando tu esquina" by Pugliese and Chanel; As some of you may know I work also as a circus artist and back in 2001 I was directing a show for the fire circus group I performed in at the time. A friend of mine was producing our show music and I told him to look for some tango samples for the music. He found some Pugliese in our local library and so one of the songs in our show was based on a sample loop of the beginning of "Rondando tu esquina" and everytime I hear the song played in a milonga it brings back memories of spinning fire on stage.

Pugliese, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Chanel, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tanda of the Week 30 / 2013 -
Orquesta Típica Victor / Alberto Carol

1. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Alberto Carol - "Anoche a las cuatro" 1944
2. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Alberto Carol - "Mi taza de café" 1944
3. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Alberto Carol - "Bajo el cono azul" 1944
4. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Alberto Carol - "Lo ví en tus ojos" 1944
Here's another guest dj tanda from DJ Thomas Hildebrandt from Germany. I recently featured his tanda of Rodolfo Biagi with Hugo Duval (TOTW 19/2013). Here's what he had to say about the tanda of Orquesta Tipica Victor:
"Another non-rhythmic guest tanda from the guy who was nicknamed "El hijo de D’Arienzo" by one of his dance partners in Buenos Aires for his love for rhythmical music. I played this tanda recently in a small milonga in a cinema/café in Bamberg and found dancers reacting to it in a very intense fashion. This tanda may be viewed as low in energy, but when played at the right moment it can create a wonderfully tender and romantic atmosphere in which we can melt into its gloomy poetry as performed by the singer Alberto Carol. Otherwise unknown to the tango world, Carol left only a handful of recordings with the late Orquesta Típica Victor. The famous OTV, since 1943 lead by the pianist Mario Maurano, made some last recordings in 1944, mainly with Carol, before finally being dissolved. With the right amount of previous D’Arienzos (and his relatives) in your feet, these tracks let you slide into a melancholic mood towards the darker and dangerously narcotic ingredients of the night. I love it!"

"Lo ví en tus ojos" is often replaced by "Una Vez" which was sung by Ortega del Cerro. Both for the fact that most of us mortals don't have "Lo ví en tus ojos" in very good quality and also for the fact that this is possibly the only way to ever play "Una Vez" in a tanda. For more of Orquesta Tipica Victor check out the OTV tandas on TOTW and I would also recommend the Serie 78 RPM: Orquesta Típica Victor Vol.1 and Serie 78 RPM: Orquesta Típica Victor Vol.2 albums available on Spotify and the iTunes Store. Thank you Thomas for another tanda!

Orquesta Típica Víctor - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tanda of the Week 29 / 2013 - Miguel Calo con Raúl Berón

Raúl Berón

1. Miguel Caló / Raúl Berón - "Jamás retornarás" 1942
2. Miguel Caló / Raúl Berón - "Trasnochando" 1942
3. Miguel Caló / Raúl Berón - "Corazón, no le hagas caso" 1942
4. Miguel Caló / Raúl Berón - "Qué te importa que te llore" 1942

Here's a second version of a Miguel Caló with Raúl Berón tanda that I had posted earlier. I find that this one captures better the story of losing someone you love with some of the most beautiful tangos ever recorded. I've replaced "Lejos de Buenos Aires" with "Trasnochando".  You can listen to the tanda on Spotify or Deezer, and the tanda is also available on a shirt of your choise at RedBubble.

Although I have been playing this one also as a version where "Lejos de Buenos Aires" replaces "Corazon, no le hagas caso". It is a matter of if I like to follow "Trasnochando" with a song that starts with a similar strong beat or with one that starts a lot smoother. But like I said lyrics wise I like "Corazon..." better. For me, this here is tango perfected and in these songs you have it all. Great danceability, amazing orchestra and singer, the melody, the rhytm, drama, passion and melancholy. It doesn't really get better than this. Overplaying these songs is impossible.

You can read the lyrics of the songs in the following links:

Calo, Miguel - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store
Berón, Raúl - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tanda of the Week 28 / 2013 - Fresedo vs. Fresedo

1. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Tigre viejo" 1934 - iTunes Store
2. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Arrabalero" 1939 - iTunes Store
3. Osvaldo Fresedo - "La mariposa" 1945 - iTunes Store
4. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Mariposita" 1941 - iTunes Store

Here's a more recent alternate version of a tanda of Fresedo instrumentals that I posted earlier this year. I feel that ending with "Mariposita" is more similar in style to the opening track "Tigre Viejo", while "Derecho viejo" is pushing the energy and rhytm more. I actually had "Divagando" (listen on Spotify) in the place of "La Mariposa" but since it wasn't available on Deezer I made this change for the blog.


Tanda of the Week 05 / 2013 - Osvaldo Fresedo (instrumentals)

1. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Tigre viejo" 1934 - iTunes Store
2. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Arrabalero" 1939 - iTunes Store
3. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Poliya" 1939 - iTunes Store
4. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Derecho viejo" 1941 - iTunes Store

Anyway... here you can compare two different versions of a tanda with the same beginning but different ending. Both tandas have their place and use but can you say which one you prefer?

Fresedo, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3rd International Festival of Tango de Salon in Łódź - Dj Antti Suniala

I had the pleasure and priviledge to play at the 3rd International Festival of Tango de Salon in Łódź Poland last sunday. The festival was organized beautifully, and the good venues, excellent selection of Dj's and warm atmosphere made sure that the dancers gave high praises for the festival and will be returning next year as well. I sure hope I can be a part of this amazing festival again in the future. The festival also featured great maestros like Sebastián Archával & Roxana Suárez and Javier Rodriguez & Noelia Barsi. I played the closing milonga of the festival, following top Dj's like Frank Seifart (Germany), Christoph Lanner (Austria) and Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine). The style and quality of music was set very high and it was a welcome challenge and great pleasure to continue their work.

I managed to compile my set as a Dj Antti Suniala - Lodz Tango Salon Festival - Spotify playlist for the most part. I had to change a few songs that were not available on Spotify like D'Arienzo's "Olvidame (YouTube)" was changed to "Yunta brava", but overall the playlist is mostly true to what I played in Łódź that night. Also the Canaro milongas and Tanturi valses that I played were not available on Spotify so I made alternative tandas for those. The D'Arienzo instrumental tanda close to the end of the night got the dancers to really give it their all and they also applauded loudly the tanda afterwards. Instead of "Pampa" I played one of my D'Arienzo favorites "Por que razon" (Available on But I won't go into more detail about the amazing missing songs... you will have to catch me at a milonga one day to hear them for yourself. The cortinas have been changed to protect the innocent.

I hope you enjoy the playlist and feel free to share it with your friends and community. Please "Like" my personal Dj profile on Facebook "Dj Antti Suniala". where I will be sharing more of playlists in the future as well as information and updates about my tourdates.

Ps. I will be moving to Barcelona in November until March/April and I'm interested in playing more milongas in Spain and southern France although I will still keep working internationally. Also now is a good time for bookings for next years festivals and events.