Monday, January 26, 2015

Tanda of the Week 05/2015 - Francisco Canaro y Nelly Omar

1. Francisco Canaro / Nelly Omar - "La canción de Buenos Aires" 1947
2. Francisco Canaro / Nelly Omar - "Canción desesperada" 1946
3. Francisco Canaro / Nelly Omar - "Sentimiento gaucho" 1947
4. Francisco Canaro / Nelly Omar - "Sus ojos se cerraron" 1947 this weeks post, I wanted to go back to some real classics of tango, since quite many of the blogs recent tandas have been pushing past the most traditional views of traditional tango. However I happened to stumble upon these songs by Canaro with Nelly Omar and was very pleasantly suprised and thought I'd share them with you all. So let's get back to the true classics next week.

There are not many tangos recorded with female vocalists and only a fraction of those would be concidered suitable for dancing. Canaro recorded also with Ada Falcón and Tita Merello, Edgardo Donato with Lita Morales and Donato Racciatti with Nina Miranda. Out of these it is probably Lita Morales who you might hear in milongas the most but only when sharing the spotlight with one or two of her male colleagues. So finding these songs was refreshing for me. Especially because the songs have such a good traditional structure and Canaro's orchestra, for once, doesn't bring the trademark wind instruments to the forefront and they've pulled the plug off the hammond organ and they actually sound like a.... like a tango orchestra. I'm sorry, I had to say it. I do not like all the extra instruments personally.

If you want to have a more generally recognizable song as the first one to open the tanda... I'd suggest "Sentimiento gaucho".

So what do you think? Could this be the best tango tanda with a female vocalist out there? Or am I forgetting someone and/or you'd rather give the honors to someone else?

Enjoy and have a nice week!

Canaro, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tanda of the Week 04/2015 - Di Sarli con Pomar, Duran, Casares y Florio 1950's

Hello all and a happy New Year! Sorry for taking my time to start the new year here at Tanda of the Week but I've been extremely busy with a couple of things. One of them being playing at and greatly enjoying the Tango Remolino DJ Festival in L'viv Ukraine just after Christmas. The festival was 12 days long (!!!) but I only had the chance to play the opening night and stay for two more days/nights of dancing. Highly recommended.

The main thing I was busy with however was the directing of a new show for my fire circus and dance company Walkea. A full month of rehearsals and a lot more time taken for producing the show ended with the 10 shows for a total amount of 28,000 people in the Lux Helsinki festival in Finland. I'm currently preparing our promotional videos and material... but for a sneak peak you can look at some amazing photographs from the performances.

And one of the things I'm busy with now is the promotion of my DJ career and looking for opportunities to play in milongas and festivals and everything in between in 2015 (and 2016 since many events book DJ's very early). So here's a reminder to you all that I am indeed a full time artist and I love to DJ as much as I can and I'm willing to travel a lot in order to do so. Any help in passing my CV (pdf) to the right people or recommending or requesting me to play goes a long way and is much appreciated! Greatly due to other tango fanatics and their help I've been very fortunate to play around the world and meet a lot of great people in doing so. And at least for the next few years I think I'll stay on the road. In fact I'm planning to put two of my passions together and do a few DJ tours on bicycle this year.

Here are some of my already public tour dates: 
  • 27.06. Midnight Light Tango Festival, Umeå, Sweden 
  • 06.06. Tango Alegria 10 year Anniversary, Kuopio Finland
  • 18.05. StudiLONGA, Halle
  • 19.04. La Luna, Antwerp
  • 18.04. La Roca, Amersfoort Netherlands
  • 16.04. Estar Bien, Antwerp
  • 14.04. Los Locos, Amsterdam
  • 12.04. La Tangueria, Brussels 
  • 24.02. Teerenpeli, Tampere, Finland
  • 19.-22.02. Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki
  • 14.02. Balta Pirts, Riga, Latvia
  • 13.02. Milonga Tipica, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 24.01. Bailongo, Berlin   

Hope to see you at a milonga!
All the best,

DJ Antti Suniala


1. Carlos Di Sarli / Mario Pomar - "Domani" 1952
2. Carlos Di SarliJorge Durán - "Nubes de humo" 1958
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Horacio Casares - "Hasta siempre, amor" 1958
4. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Florio - "Derrotado" 1956 hope you don't mind me sharing another Di Sarli tanda. This tanda is made not only to put beautiful songs together but also to showcase four of the finest singers Di Sarli recorded with in the 1950's. I also wanted to choose songs that are slightly more uptempo than a lot of the Di Sarli recordings from the 50's. Uptempo in this case basically means midtempo or slower midtempo but still uptempo compared to the majority of the recordings. Also these songs are on the shorter spectum of (1950's) song lenght as they are around the 2:45-2:55 mark. This should give the tanda a lot of energy on top of the beauty of the songs.

There's a bit of a time leap between the first two songs going from 1952 to 1958 but if you have "Domani" in good quality this should be no problem. Also, to my ears, this version on Spotify/Deezer sounds a little bit too fast. My version from the Tango Digital Archive shellacs is a bit slower.


Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store