Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tanda of the Week 48 / 2012 -
Alfredo De Angelis y Floreal Ruíz


1. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Bajo el cono azúl" 1944
2. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Como se muere de amor" 1943
3. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Marioneta" 1943
4. Alfredo De Angelis / Floreal Ruíz - "Dejame asi" 1943

Here is more from Floreal Ruíz, this time with the orchestra of Alfredo De Angelis. Check out the previous tanda of Ruíz with Troilo.

Both "Bajo el cono azúl" and "Como se muere de amor" have a spoken part in the beginning of the song. I use versions of these songs both with the spoken part and without. Here I have the first song with the spoken part but the second song without it to better keep the flow of the music from one song to the next.

De Angelis, Alfredo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 
Ruiz, Floreal - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

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  1. A gorgeous tanda. I too like to use spoken words at the start of a track as an intro to the tanda. It gives the guys who really know the music a head start. :)

    Another tango I find fits well with these is the beautiful Cero al as.

    Thanks again Antti for this great blog.