Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tanda of the Week 17 / 2014 - Ricardo Malerba - DJ Antti Suniala

1. Ricardo Malerba - "Sollozos" 1944
2. Ricardo Malerba / Orlando Medina - "Tres amigos" 1944
3. Ricardo Malerba / Orlando Medina - "Mi taza de café" 1943
4. Ricardo Malerba / Orlando Medina - "Embrujamiento" 1943"[Ricardo Malerba] signed a contract to play on Radio Belgrano, on condition of playing a rhythmical tango in a D'Arienzo-like style. He debuted with his own orchestra on March 1, 1938 and stayed at that radio station for over twenty years.Gradually he was gaining the people's recognition, slower than Juan D'Arienzo's, much liked by dancers and easy listening." 

- Néstor Pinsón -

The very first tanda I posted on Tanda of the Week was from Ricardo Malerba and it featured the classic songs "Gitana rusa", "Ninguna", "La piba de los jazmines" and "Remembranza". Ricardo Malerba recorded 30 songs for Odeon between 1941-1945 and eight more songs in 1956-1957 and out of this small catalogue only a few are available on Spotify.

This tanda tries to make the best of the songs available and starts with one of the few instrumental recordings from Malerba "Sollozos". This song was recorded as a vocal version previously by Osvaldo Fresedo with Roberto Ray. Other instrumentals from Malerba include "Guardia vieja", "Charamusca" as well as the excellent version of the vals "Corazón de artista".

"Tres amigos" starts a bit slow but ends up growing into a good version of the classic better known from Anibal Troilo with Alberto Marino. Most people might also favor the Orquesta Tipica Victor version of "Mi taza de café". The tanda finishes with "Embrujamiento" (sometimes misspelled as "Enbrujamiento"), which is Malerbas own handwriting and has been recorded also by Juan D'Arienzo with Juan Carlos Lamas five months earlier than Malerba.

For more songs from Malerba you can get the "Encuentro con Ricardo Malerba" album from The album has among others a great quality version of the vals "Cuando florezcan las rosas".

The song you really want to look for from Malerba however is the tango "Violín".

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tanda of the Week 16 / 2014 - Pedro Laurenz (vals)

I have moved back to Berlin (!) after spending the winter in Barcelona. I had the pleasure of playing in two of the finest milongas in Barcelona, Aquelarre Tango and the 15th Anniversary of Milonga Casa Valencia. This friday, the 18th of April, I will be playing in La Yumba in Hamburg and on 30.04. in Parma and 01.05. in Modena in Italy. You can check out my tour dates here.

I have prepared a promotional letter for organizers of milongas, festivals, marathons and encuentros and if you'd like to hear me play in your area, I'd appreciate if you can pass this forward in your community! You can also subscribe to my DJ mailing list here or at the bottom of this post for updates on tour dates, some exclusive tandas and recommendations for milongas and music. Thank you. Now for the tanda of this week.


1. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Paisaje" 1943
2. Pedro LaurenzAlberto Fuentes - "María Remedios" 1942
3. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Del Campo - "Caserón de tejas" 1943 are three beautiful valses from the orchestra of Pedro Laurenz with the three Albertos on vocals. The very classic "Paisaje" has been featured on the blog before in the tanda 23/2012. my knowledge, "Caserón de tejas", which was composed by Sebastián Piana, was not recorded by other orchestras of the golden age than Laurenz, but for some reason (it's a beautiful song obviously) it was picked up later by many modern groups and singers in their repertoire. Just do a search on Spotify and you'll find version after version of the song as if it was one of the biggest classics comparable to a jazz standard. There is a version by Libertad Lamarque from 1942 but I don't know the exact date of the recording so can't say if Laurenz recorded it first of after.

"Maria Remedios" in my opinion is not an exceptional song but works well as a bridge between the two other valses. I still find it great to dance to and especially enjoy the short piano and bandoneon variacion almost at the end of the song.

Another song that I could use is "Temblando" but it was also on the previous Laurenz vals tanda on the blog and it is clearly more downtempo as well. Out of the small vals discography of Laurenz (which is missing "Flores del alma") we could also choose "Mascarita" or "Mendocina" but these two I find a lot more cheerful both in style and lyrics than the three more melancholic valses of this tanda.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tanda of the Week 15 / 2014 - Francisco Lomuto

1. Francisco Lomuto - "Sentimiento gaucho" 1942
2. Francisco Lomuto - "Criolla linda" 1942
3. Francisco Lomuto - "Zorro gris" 1941
4. Francisco Lomuto - "Catamarca" 1943 was asking my readers on the TOTW Facebook group which orchestra they like to here this week and one of the requests was for Francisco Lomuto so here it is. This tanda was sent to me by a fellow DJ from Finland Jaana Hänninen. Thank you Jaana!

These are all classic songs so you can also compare "Sentimiento gaucho" to the version of Rodolfo Biagi, "Criolla linda" to the version of Donato or Héctor Varela Y Su Orquesta, "Zorro gris" to the versions from Enrique Rodríguez and Alfredo De Angelis and Lomuto's "Catamarca" from 1943 to Di Sarli's version from 1940.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tanda of the Week 14 / 2014 - Miguel Caló with Raúl Iriarte

Raúl Iriarte

1. Miguel Caló / Raúl Iriarte - "Marión" 1943
2. Miguel Caló / Raúl Iriarte - "La vi llegar" 1944
3. Miguel Caló / Raúl Iriarte - "De seis a siete" 1943
4. Miguel Caló / Raúl Iriarte - "Nada" 1944 classic songs from the amazing Miguel Caló and Raúl Iriarte. I was thinking "Gime el viento" as the third song but it was not available on Spotify. I've posted another tanda of Caló/Iriarte as TOTW50/2010.  Enjoy!
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