Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tanda of the Week 34/2010 - Orquesta Cayetano Puglisi (instrumentals)

Download or listen Tanda of the Week 34/2010 - Puglisi (instrumentals)

1. Orquesta Cayetano Puglisi - "Así Es La Vida" 1929
2. Orquesta Cayetano Puglisi - "Disfrazate Muchachita" 1929
3. Orquesta Cayetano Puglisi - "Rezongona" 1929
4. Orquesta Cayetano Puglisi - "La Milonga Azul" 1929

Here's something you'd really rarely play at a normal milonga but recently I've been going through a lot of instrumental tangos from the late 1920's. There's really something about the music from this era that has me spellbound. Cayetano Puglisi (1902-1968) was a violinist and a composer who played in Roberto Firpo's orchestra in 1916-1928. After this period he formed a sextet that recorded the following songs featured in this tanda in 1929.

"We arrive at a very important chapter in the artistic career of this great musician. We place it in 1928, a period when the sextets blossomed. This splendid outfit he put together is always remembered with admiration and nostalgia by the lovers of good tango.

He used to play at the cinema Paramount theater. His members were: Armando Federico (piano); Cayetano Puglisi and Mauricio Miseresky (Mauricio Misé) (violins); Federico Scorticati and Pascual Storti (bandoneons) and José Puglisi (double bass). During this cycle, Storti was replaced later by Domingo Triguero. The orchestra always evidenced a trademark of quality, with a special sort of slow beat full of tango colors, and a very hard to match richness of nuances. The crisis brought by the lack of work made this group disband."

- Horacio Loriente,

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