Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tanda of the Week 32/2010 - Malerba

Download or listen Tanda Of The Week 32/2010 - Ricardo Malerba

1. Ricardo Malerba/Orlando Medina "Gitana Rusa" 1942
2. Ricardo Malerba/Orlando Medina "Ninguna" 1941
3. Ricardo Malerba/Orlando Medina "La Piba De Los Jasmines" 1943
4. Ricardo Malerba/Orlando Medina "Remembranza" 1943

Here's the very first tanda I'd like to share. It's built around the last song of the tanda, which is the classic "Remembranza". The version from Ricardo Malerba and his orchestra with Orlando Medina on the vocals is one of the nicest versions of this tango.

I had some problems choosing which song would start the tanda but in the end chose "Gitana Rusa" because of the beautiful melody of the violins. At least for me the melody is a clear signal to get on the floor as fast as possible.

Edit: I usually play this tanda with "Embrujamiento" replacing one of the songs. It gives a bit more energy to the tanda.

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  1. A beautiful tanda! Another track that goes well with these is Embrujamiento - http://www.tango.info/tracks/RicarMaler/work.embrujamiento .