Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tango Argentino on

Kiva is a microfinance organization helping small businesses in the 3rd world countries. Through small loans (starting from 25 dollars) people around the world can support small businesses and improve living conditions in developing countries. The loan is paid back and can be either withdrawn from the Kiva account or lent again.

I have been using Kiva for a while and last year I made small deposits every month amounting to about 1000 dollars which I've been re-lending ever since. With this amount of deposits and re-lending I've been able to loan 2000 dollars of which 1600 dollars has been paid back already. My personal rule was that everytime I bought something I didn't really need I would deposit on Kiva and make a loan.

I started a team for people interested in argentine tango and wanting to make a loan through Check it out! A 25 dollar loan will get you started or you can purchace Kiva gift cards for presents.

You can also have a look at my personal lender page

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