Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tanda of the Week 35/2010 - Juan Félix Maglio (instrumentals)

1. Juan Félix Maglio - "Ventanita De Arrabal" 1927
2. Juan Félix Maglio - "Arrabelero" 1927
3. Juan Félix Maglio - "Viejo Smoking" 1930
4. Juan Félix Maglio - "La Copa Del Olvido" 1927 tanda by Juan Maglio is featured on my set from the Almacen milonga that was posted on the blog earlier. Maglio (1880-1934) who went by the nickname of 'Pacho' was a bandoneonist, orchestra leader and composer and was one of the most important musicians who followed the the first generation of tango players, the Guardia Vieja.

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  1. Kiva viikon päätös maileja lukiessa, kiitos Antti!