Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to "Tanda of the Week"

In this blog I will share my and in fact anybody's favorite tandas of argentine tango. A "Tanda" is by definition a set of music played during a milonga (tango dance parties). The set usually consists of three to four pieces. Common types of music played during a tanda include tango, milonga or vals. A "cortina" is typically played to signal the end of a tanda. A single milonga contains several tandas.

I hope to spark some conversation about what makes a good tanda and what kind of songs you want to dance to in a milonga? I will try add more tandas and the mp3-files of each tanda about once a week. Stay tuned and feel free to comment on the tandas or anything tango related. And remember you can send your own tanda to be shared on this blog.

Welcome... I hope you enjoy my blog.

Antti Suniala.

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