Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tanda of the Week now available on DEEZER !!!

Good news for the growing international fanbase of Tanda of the Week! I've been struggling with solutions to give the possibility of listening to the music and tandas posted on the blog in a legal manner respecting copyright issues. From now on I will be sharing the music not only on Spotify, which is currently limited to only 28 countries, but also on online music streaming service Deezer, which boasts online availability in over 182 countries!

I have already shifted the focus of tandas to feature music available on Spotify, and while the tango collection on Spotify is ever growing, sometimes limiting the selections to the available songs feels like compromising too much. So I will occasionally post tandas of harder to find music not available online, which will probably not please some of my followers, but on the other hand can be more useful for the DJ's and other hard core tango addicts.

I have noticed that not all the songs available on Spotify are available on Deezer (yet?) and therefore, although availability on both services would be ideal, I will prioritize the availability on Spotify and will either offer an alternative tanda on Deezer or unfortunately nothing at all.

You can search with the label "Deezer" to find all the Tandas of the Week available on Deezer so far. Updating the tandas posted in nearly three years takes ages so please be patient.

I am constantly looking for ways and ideas of how to improve the blog, so please send me any suggestions or feedback you have. I would appreciate it. And while on the topic I would like to thank Heikki Valkonen for the original suggestion of expanding to using Deezer.

Thank you and see you on the dance floor!

- DJ Antti Suniala

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  1. Thanks Antti. This is a great improvement. Especially given Deezer's further advantages over Spotify: Deezer doesn't require installation and doesn't consume your computer/phone storage to temporarily store tracks for sending to your neighbours.