Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tanda of the Week 26 / 2013 - Francisco Lomuto 1929

1. Francisco Lomuto - "Media noche" 1929
2. Francisco Lomuto - "Mamita" 1929
3. Francisco Lomuto - "Serpentina doble" 1929
4. Francisco Lomuto - "Viejo amigo" 1929

A guest Dj tanda from the down under! Dj Patricia Petronio from Australia. This is her second contribution to the blog. The first one was a tanda of Jose García (TOTW 52/2012).Unfortunately the second song, "Mamita", was not available on Deezer so I replaced it with "Mi pibe" from 1929 (by suggestion of Patricia).

"Hi Antti,

Last year I saw a mention of Francisco  Lomuto’s recordings of the late twenties.  Michael Lavocah refers to this “very special period in the history of tango .. . the age of the sextets”.  This sparked my curiosity.  So, in May I headed over to the Buenos Aires Tango Club to pick up two Lomuto CDs “Perfume de mujer” (1927-28) and “Quejidos de tango” (1928-30). I was not disappointed! The RGS Tango Collection disc of Lomuto instrumentals also contains some gems from that era.  I love the growling, unhurried and grounded sound, with lovely melodic variations.

Anyway, here’s a tanda I put together from these discs.  1929 is my favourite year from this period.

Dj Patricia Petronio 

Lomuto, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tangotango.info - iTunes Store

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