Monday, September 9, 2013

Tanda of the Week 22 / 2013 - Lucio Demare y Raúl Berón

Raúl Berón in 1943

1. Lucio Demare / Raúl Berón - "Oigo tu voz" 1943
2. Lucio Demare / Raúl Berón - "Una emoción" 1943
3. Lucio Demare / Raúl Berón - "Qué solo estoy" 1943
4. Lucio Demare / Raúl Berón - "Canta, pajarito" 1943

A beautiful tanda of my favorites from Lucio Demare with Raúl Berón. Enjoy!

You can listen to the better known Ricardo Tanturi with Enrique Campos versions of "Oigo tu voz" and "Una emoción" in the tanda of Tanturi/Campos published on week 35 in 2011. You can also listen to the Carlos Di Sarli with Roberto Rufino version of "Canta, pajarito" in the tanda of Di Sarli/Rufino published on week 46 in 2012.

Demare, Lucio - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Berón, Raúl - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hello
    I am a tanguero from Romania and i apreciated very much all the tandas that you maded... until You created the tandas only in spotify way. Here in my country is not available to install so... i can't enjoy any more the tandaoftheweek.
    Please, can You put the tandas on this blog in other way too (the old way or in a more usual way for net) because i really want to listen and dance your tandas!
    Thank You

    1. Hello Sorin. Thank you for your message. I'm very aware of the issue and today I've started adding the tandas to Deezer at

      I hope using Spotify and Deezer will cover most of my blog followers worldwide.