Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tanda of the Week 23 / 2013 - Ricardo Pedevilla

Ricardo Pedevilla, Daniel Alvarez & Nicolás Pepe 1935

1. Ricardo Pedevilla / Mario D'Elía - "Vida mía" 1951
2. Ricardo Pedevilla / Oscar Serpa - "Y mientes todavia" 1950
3. Ricardo Pedevilla / Mario D'Elía - "Y siempre pasa igual" 1951
4. Ricardo Pedevilla / Mario D'Elía - "Tus palabras y la noche" 1951

Here's a quality tanda from a more unknown orchesta, Ricardo Pedevilla. I've published earlier one Pedevilla tanda on Tanda of the Week (TOTW 30/2011)  but unfortunately the only Pedevilla song available on Spotify is the "El amanacer". Therefore I will leave it up to the readers of my blog to hunt down these hard to find songs (and especially for the DJ's it will be worth the trouble). However "El amanecer" will give you a clear example of the high quality orchestra that Ricardo Pedevilla had and I'm sure his Di Sarliesque style will please a lot of tango enthusiasts. Just last night I played my above mentioned instrumental tanda from Ricardo Pedevilla in a milonga in Berlin and got good feedback and also questions about the orchestra.

This tanda was sent to us by Gio Il Fuz from Italy. Here's what he said about himself and the tanda:

"I’m an Italian TJ, DJing from 2008, resident in La Maquina Tanguera’s Milonga in Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany) (www.lamaquinatanguera.it) and guest in some Milongas and Festivals.

I send you a Tanda, that I’ve just played in Milonga at Florence last week: good dancers enjoyed and asked me infos about this not so known versions…

This tanda is my second contribution to TOTW (The first one was a Lomuto vals tanda (TOTW 17/2012). It’s a Tanda of Orquesta Ricardo Pedevilla, with Mario D’Elia and Oscar Serpa singers. This tanda born from my research of Tus Palabras y la noche Pedevilla’s version, that I heard some weeks ago during a Tango Stage. In my research, I find also a very stylish and sweet version of Vida Mia…Curiosity killed the cat, but make also a good Tango DJ.

Hasta pronto!
Gio Il Fuz -. https://www.facebook.com/ilfuz"

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