Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tanda of the Week 04 / 2014 - Octeto Tibidabo

1. Octeto Tibidabo - "En esta tarde gris" 1966
2. Octeto Tibidabo - "Malena" 1966
3. Octeto Tibidabo - "Garúa" 1966
4. Octeto Tibidabo - "Percal"

http://www.deezer.com/playlist/761647141Octeto Tibidabo is an orchestra that I was introduced to by Ignacio Varchausky from the Tango Digital Archive. First song he played for me was "La Ví Llegar" (YouTube) to showcase the quality of the whole orchestra and in this song particularly the violin of Enrique Francini (violin for Caló, Francini-Pontier and numerous other orchestras).

Story goes that although Octeto Tibidabo consisted of only seven musicians, Mario Kaminsky, who was a producer for the Microfón Argentina record label and who to my understanding put the "octeto" together, thought that octeto sounded a lot better than septeto.

The members of the orchestra were Leopoldo Federico and Osvaldo Montes on bandoneons, Enrique Mario Francini, Reynaldo Nichele and Mauricio Mise on violins, Enrique Marchetto on contrabass and Atilio Stampone on piano. I remember Varchausky telling me it was also Stampone who was conducting the orchestra. And searching for what little information I could find about Octeto Tibidabo I was only able to find that Stampone had played in a cabaret called "Tibidabo" already as a teenager. (And since I'm currently temporarily living in Barcelona, I was happily suprised to wander into an amusement park called Tibidabo.)

The octeto released an album in 1966 called "Soy del 40"and the recordings are all instrumental versions of great classics of tango from what looks like to be the repertoire of Anibal Troilo. Unfortunately online stores like the iTunes Store as well as Spotify only have a compilation album "Bailando Tangos del 40", which has only five of the twelve recordings. However even these five are great songs and I decided to make a tanda of the songs available on Spotify. You are surely able to find more of the songs for listening on YouTube. To my knowledge the original album has yet not been released on CD.

So if you're looking for something post golden age to play but want to stick to more traditional compositions and arrangements with a high level of musicians, Octeto Tibidabo could be your choice, especially if you can get your hands on the full original album. Enjoy!

Stampone, Atilio - TodoTango
Federico, Leopoldo - TodoTango
Francini, Enrique Mario - TodoTango

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