Friday, January 17, 2014

Tanda of the Week 03 / 2014 - Di Sarli y Durán

1. Carlos Di Sarli - Jorge Durán - "Vieja luna" 1945 - TangoTunes
2. Carlos Di Sarli - Jorge Durán - "Yo" 1945 - TangoTunes
3. Carlos Di Sarli - Jorge Durán - "Qué no sepan las estrellas" 1945 - TangoTunes
4. Carlos Di Sarli - Jorge Durán - "La vida me engañó" 1946 New Year everyone! Again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and new tandas, but I have been too busy or distracted with life in Barcelona (moving back to Berlin in April) and also working for my other real job of circus arts and directing a new show for a festival in Finland (see the trailer here YouTube - Vimeo). I decided that I will post tandas when I have the right time and the right mood and loosen up on the goal to post one tanda every single week. But do not fall in to despair. I still love doing this blog and many guest dj's and readers are showing great support and giving more reasons to go on.

So here you have the Tanda of the week three by Di Sarli with Durán on the vocals. Jorge Durán recorded with Di Sarli between 1945-1947 and 1956-1958 and these songs are from the first time period. You can also listen to a tanda of Di Sarli and Durán that I posted earlier on Tanda of the Week (TOTW 44/2010).

I recommend checking out Carlos Di Sarli on for high quality digitalizations of original Di Sarli shellac recordings.

PS. I will be Dj'ing in the 4th Tango Frostbite Festival in Finland in February and in the 2nd Viento Norte Festivalito Milonguero in Germany in March.

Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Durán, Jorge - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 

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  1. Great Tanda, 3 of these 4 are available as shellac transfer on

    Vieja luna


    Que no sepan las estrellas

  2. And for the Frostbite Festival find all information on the tangowiki as well
    in English:
    in Deutsch: