Friday, August 2, 2013

Tanda of the Week 17 / 2013 -
Juan D'Arienzo con Armando Laborde y Alberto Echagüe

1. Juan D'Arienzo / Armando Laborde - "Color cielo" 1944 - iTunes
2. Juan D'Arienzo / Alberto Echagüe - "Después" 1944 - iTunes
3. Juan D'Arienzo / Armando Laborde - "Si supiera que la extraño" 1945 - iTunes
4. Juan D'Arienzo / Alberto Echagüe - "No nos veremos nunca" 1944 - iTunes

This is a guest dj tanda sent to us by DJ Paolino Fierro, who is a resident musicalizador in Salon Baires Milonga in Naples (Italy). He began playing music in 2005 in many italian milongas and also in Argentina. Paolino says that "Milonga is like tomato sauce. It begins to cook when it starts to boil". Thank you Paolino for the tanda!

These songs are from a clearly different phase in the career of D'Arienzo and in tango in general. After the music of especially D'Arienzo getting more and more upbeat and stronger, in the mid 40's even D'Arienzo slowed down and recorded songs that had shifted some of the emphasis on the compas to a more melodic approach. These songs are a great selection of some of the finest D'Arienzo from that time period and the tanda features both Alberto Echagüe and Armando Laborde on the vocals. Unfortunately most of the songs available online are in poor quality but hopefully they will be featured soon on the growing collection of Juan D'Arienzo recordings on

D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - TangoTunes - iTunes Store
Echagüe, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store 

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  2. Great tanda. For anyone else prevented from listening by Spotify wrongly claiming you've reached the 10 hour limit, here are YouTube versions:

    Color cielo
    Si supiera que la extraño
    No nos veremos nunca