Monday, August 26, 2013

Anibal Troilo shellacs on, the Digital Tango Music Store, continues their great work by adding high quality digitalized shellacs from Anibal Troilo to their collection. Lot of DJ's still play very low quality versions of Troilo's recordings so this addition is very welcome. Right now the collection consists of 48 Troilo shellacs that are available individually or in the three special offer collections "Cordon de oro", "Un placer" and "Buenos Aires". And more releases are coming!

With the promotional code: "TOTW20-TROILO" you will get a 10% discount on all purchases of the digitalizations of the Anibal Troilo shellacs available on I would like to remind you that buy purchasing music from TangoTunes you are also supporting the important work of the Tango Digital Archive.

This offer is available from 26th of August to 2nd of September.

Check out all the Troilo tandas on Tanda of the Week here!

Below is the Spotify playlist for the Troilo discography available on so far.



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