Monday, September 24, 2012

Tanda of the Week 38 / 2012 -
Osmar Maderna y Pedro Dátila


1. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Una vez" 1946
2. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Tarde gris" 1946
3. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Al compás de tu mentira" 1950
4. Osmar Maderna / Pedro Dátila - "Rebeldía" 1947

To continue with introducing more orchestras this weeks tanda is from Osmar Maderna with the singer Pedro Dátila. Although Maderna isn't played much in the milongas and the music can be considered too challenging to dance to by some, "The Chopin of Tango" had a great influence in the history of tango music especially as the pianist for Miguel Calo.

Osmar Maderna
Musician, pianist, conductor, composer and arranger
(February 26, 1918 - April 28, 1951)

"A pianist strongly inclined to romanticism, viewed as the Chopin of the tango. His subtle, almost ethereal and suggestive touch, deprived of any emphasis or pomposity, led him to create an orchestral style based on the same pattern. Plain and transparent, his arrangements conceived fancy solos alternating piano, bandoneon and violin. That style of his, born toward 1940, influenced the entire decade and contrasted with both the popular tango (with Juan D´Arienzo as remarkable example) and the academic tango (Aníbal Troilo). His tangos lack any tough or coarse traces but also any symphonic pretension. He preferred to convey a simple emotion and accurate expression, which he achieved through a permanent self-control.... continue reading"

by Julio Nudler, Todo Tango

Maderna, Osmar - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store 

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