Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tanda of the Week 33 / 2012 - Bachicha y Emilia Garcia


1. Bachicha / Emilia García - "Oración"1930
2. Bachicha / Emilia García - "Mama Yo Quiero Un Novio"1928
3. Bachicha / Emilia García y Juan Raggi - "Se Va La Vida"1930
4. Bachicha / Emilia García - "Yira...Yira" 1931

Here's another guest dj tanda this time from Björn Müller from Switzerland. I was happy to hear he has a similar background to mine having started as a hip hop/soul-dj and then later became a tango dancer and a tango dj. Here's what he had to say about the tanda:

"To further expand the scope of the fine TOTW selection, I thought about a new tanda featuring Juan Bautista Deambroggio's ('Bachicha') orchestra. He was among the first young Argentine musicians that brought tango to Paris and, with his 'Orchestre Argentin Bachicha' even toured throughout Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East. So a true Tango nomad of the early days!
Always searching for danceable songs with female vocalists - I try to play at least one each milonga, mostly at the end - I like Bachicha's recordings with the female vocalist Emilia García. She has a playful yet not dominating style that makes the tracks well danceable.

Starting with the church bells, the tone is set for a special tanda, with a dramaturgy going from sad (Oración) to happy and mundane (Mama yo quiero un novio) and then finally to 'existential' (Se va la vida & Yira Yira). Life in a tanda, 'round and round it goes'!

In that way this tanda expresses also some of the things I aim for as DJ: paying close attention to the 'energies' in the music and the milonga, performing vital 'dramaturgies' over the course of a milonga and within each tanda. Enjoy!"

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