Friday, August 24, 2012

Tanda of the Week 34 / 2012 - Osvaldo Fresedo y Oscar Serpa

Oscar Serpa

1. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "Te llama mi violín" 1942
2. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "El día de tu ausencia" 1943
3. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "Este viejo corazón" 1943
4. Osvaldo Fresedo / Oscar Serpa - "Gitana rusa" 1942

(Unfortunately the songs for this tanda are not available on Spotify yet...)

Oscar Serpa is one of the singers who had a very impressive career but you don't hear his recordings much in the milongas. He sang in the orchestras of Osvaldo Fresedo, Carlos Di Sarli, Ricardo Pedevilla and even Los Senores Del Tango and Horacio Salgán. I don't think I've ever played a full tanda of Serpa because I'd always choose Ruiz, Ray or Mayel (Fresedo) and Florio, Pomar, Duran (50's Di Sarli) over him. However the amazing "Te llama mi violín" has been on my private playlist for ages and the interesting version of "Gitana rusa" made me take the challenge of creating a Serpa tanda I'd love to play (and dance to). I also think that Serpa's voice goes better with Fresedo than Di Sarli.

I was thinking of using "Sin palabras" for this tanda but felt that the Pugliese/Moran or Troilo/Marino versions were clearly much better so I left it out. However I think the version of "El día de tu ausencia" compares a lot better to the version of Pugliese/Chanel from 1944. The version of "Gitana rusa" is very different to the more famous Malerba version but I like the song and the differences. I wanted to start with "Te llama mi violín" and finish with "Gitana rusa" (of which I have cut the first 20 seconds of the long intro) while I juggled the second and third songs back and forth. I think they work either way but "El dia..." follows the opening song better.

I think the outcome is quite a beautiful tanda that is suitable to be played at the late hours of a milonga. I hope you enjoy it!

Fresedo, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Serpa, Oscar - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

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