Friday, July 13, 2012

Tanda of the Week 27/2012 -
Domingo Federico

Federico Domingo, Carlos Vidal y Oscar Larroca
1. Domingo FedericoCarlos Vidal - "Senda florida" 1945 - TangoTunes
2. Domingo FedericoCarlos Vidal - "Para qué te quiero tanto" 1945 - TangoTunes
3. Domingo Federico / C. Vidal, Oscar Larroca - "Un pasaje de mi vida" 1946 - TangoTunes
4. Domingo FedericoCarlos Vidal - "Tu melodía" 1944 - TangoTunes

Domingo Federico was an unforgettable musician and inspired melody maker, composer, bandoneon player and orchestra leader. He played in the Juan Canaro Orchestra and also in the orchestra of Miguel Calo before...

" 1943 he split with Caló to put together his own orchestra, with which he debuted to great acclaim at the Select Buen Orden café, with his vocalists Alberto Tagle and Alfredo Castel. As a curious information we can say that the double bass was played by his father who, always eager in his search, had as well learnt the secrets of this instrument.

Besides Alberto Tagle and Alfredo Castel, he had Ignacio Díaz, Carlos Vidal, Oscar Larroca, Mario Bustos, Hugo Roca, Enzo Valentino, Dante Rossi, Carlos Valdés, Armando Moreno, Rubén Sánchez and Rubén Maciel as vocalists.

Of all them, Carlos Vidal was undoubtedly the most outstanding. The one who imposed all his personality, in renditions that shall remain indelible in our memory, such is the case of tango tunes like "Yuyo verde" and "Yo"."

- By Ricardo García Blaya, TodoTango

Federico, Domingo - TOTW - -TodoTango - TangoTunes 

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