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Tanda of the Week 28/2012 -
Carlos Lafuente con OTV, Marcucci, Los Provincianos y Carabelli

Carlos Lafuente

1. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Carlos Lafuente - "Nunca tuvo novio" 1930
2. Carlos Marcucci / Carlos Lafuente - "Si supieras" 1931
3. Los Provincianos / Carlos Lafuente - "Noviecita" 1933
4. Adolfo Carabelli / Carlos Lafuente - "Pa' que lagrimear" 1933's a special selection of tangos sung by Carlos Lafuente (1908-1989) with four different orchestras. 

"Carlos had facility to sing and he started at a very young age. He began as professional in the 20s, as a estribillista (refrain singer). His most important performance then was in the Orquesta Típica Victor. He was the singer with the largest number of recordings with that outfit. No less than 33 renditions. His first record was “Justo el 31”, with “Rajá, rajá de acá”, tango by Juan Baüer, on the other side. Another standouts are his recordings of “Nunca tuvo novio”, “Canción de la ribera” and “Cacareando”, a milonga written by Sureda.

Likewise he appeared with the orchestra known as “Los Provincianos" with which he cut several recordings, among others: the tangos “Sabalaje”, written by Primiani and Casanova, “Montevideo”, by Fontaina and Soliño and the Romeo’s waltz “Un placer”. He also had an extensive recording activity with the Adolfo Carabelli’s orchestra. With Carlos Marcucci’s outfit he cut only one number, the tango “Tinieblas” penned by Vardaro and Velich. [EDIT: to my knowledge this is not exactly true. He recorded also "Si supieras" and a ranchera "La antrevida". There are also two versions of "Tinieblas", one with Roberto Diaz/Marcucci.] Furthermore, he was vocalist of the group led by Antonio Sureda with which he committed to record two numbers.

His performance was outstanding, he was a special kind of voice to sing melodies of all sorts: waltzes, rancheras, folk and Spanish songs. Everything he did was all right. If we count all his recordings they are over two hundred renderings. He as well recorded with guitars and cut 22 sides accompanied on bandoneon by Ciriaco Ortiz. He appeared on the LR5, LR9 and LS8 radio stations of Buenos Aires. In the late 40s he was gradually withdrawing from show business.

If we had to define him in two words we would say that he was a great interpreter of danceable tango and was deeply influenced by Gardel."

- Salvador Lo Nigro, TodoTango

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