Friday, November 25, 2011

Tanda of the Week 46 / 2011 -
Rodolfo Biagi y Alberto Lago

1. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "Te odio" 1942 - TangoTunes
2. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "Metido // Enamorado" 1942 - TangoTunes
3. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "No puede ser" 1941 - TangoTunes
4. Rodolfo Biagi / Alberto Lago - "Arrebato" 1942 - TangoTunes

Here's another guest dj tanda, this time from Dj Stephan Resch originally from Germany but living in Auckland, New Zealand.

"Biagi recorded only 5 tracks with Lago, four tangos and the heavenly "Amor y vals". These tangos are a wonderful example of Biagi's strong staccato rhythms, his effervescent playfulness and his challenging arrangements. It is a great to tanda to play instead of the more common Biagi/Ortiz sets."

Stephan also chose the cortina"Die Frau von Ungefähr" from the German group 17 hippies (I edited it into an instrumental cortina). Enjoy the tanda and thank you Stephan!

Stephan is running a TangoClub in Auckland. They organise milongas, community workshops, invite international teachers and maintain a website relating to things about tango in Auckland:

Biagi, Rodolfo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - TangoTunes - iTunes Store

Lago, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

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