Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tanda of the Week 47 / 2011 -
Carlos Di Sarli y Roberto Rufino

1. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Cascabelito" 1941
2. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Todo" 1943
3. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "Griseta" 1941
4. Carlos Di Sarli / Roberto Rufino - "En un beso la vida" 1940's time to introduce the great Roberto Rufino who has been featured on the blog previously only in a vals tanda from Di Sarli. This is one of my favorite tandas at the moment and I can't get enough of Di Sarli with Rufino. Rufino was born in 1922 so he was only 18 when he recorded "En un beso la vida"!

All the songs in this tanda are classics that have been recorded by other orchestras as well: "Cascabelito" by Pugliese, "Todo" by Laurenz, "Griseta" by Biagi and "En un beso la vida" by Canaro for example. This version of "Cascabelito" is my favorite and I always feel a bit uncomfortable playing the Pugliese version. What I sometimes do is that I play a Pugliese tanda and follow it with the Di Sarli / Rufino version of "Cascabelito" as it is well-known as versions from both orchestras and it makes a nice connection between the two tandas.

"Listening to Roberto Rufino when he sang "María" or "La novia ausente" or "Malena" or any of the tangos he had chosen for his repertoire, was to realize that that tango was unraveling little by little and that the words sprang up separately, without forsaking the whole that gathered them, with the proper strength they had to have in their context. Rufino was that: a storyteller, a phraser, an interpreter that perfectly knew which was the meaning of what he was singing.

[...] Carlos Garay, Carlos Di Sarli´s agent, heard him sing the tango written by Di Sarli and Enrique Carrera Sotelo, "Milonguero viejo", he told his principal about it and the latter included him in his orchestra, with which he was able to record on December 11, 1939, the tango "Corazón", by Di Sarli and Héctor Marcó. Fame had already touched him with its magic wand and «at the age of 21 or 22, he had a unprecedented discographic record», as the journalist Jorge Sturla says. In fact, he recorded, together with Di Sarli, forty-six numbers."

-by Roberto Selles, TodoTango

Di Sarli, Carlos - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Rufino, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

The cortina is from a finnish band Jo Stance - "Tell me / Girls". Someone needs to tell her how the cabeceo works ;)

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