Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tanda of the Week 31 / 2011 -
Pedro Laurenz con Alberto Podestá

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1. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Recien" 1943-09-22
2. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Como el hornero" 1944-01-14
3. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Veinticuatro de Agosto" 1943-04-16
4. Pedro Laurenz / Alberto Podestá - "Nunca tuvo novio" 1943-04-16

This is not the tanda that I most often play from Laurenz and Podestá but I like it a lot nevertheless. I had the tracks in reversed order first to have a more smooth romantic start but later changed it to start with the more familiar, although darker, "Recien" and then finish with "Nunca tuvo novio". Pure perfection from Alberto Podestá in all of the songs.

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2 kommenttia:

  1. I prefer this tanda:
    1. Garúa
    2. Nunca Tuvo Novio
    3. Recién
    4. Como El Hornero

  2. Thanks again Michael for the comment. I personally find Nunca Tuvo Novio to be a bit too smooth to follow the more rough Garúa. I think I'd rather play something like Que Nunca Me Falta after Garúa... or Como El Hornero as a bridge to make the dynamics smoother before playing Nunca Tuvo Novio as Como El Hornero has that rougher intro before going smoother.