Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tanda of the Week 11 / 2013 - Quinteto Real

1. Quinteto Real - "Ensueños"
2. Quinteto Real - "Mal de amores"
3. Quinteto Real - "Ya no cantas, Chingolo"
4. Quinteto Real - "El arranque"

I want to present "Quinteto Real", a legendary group of great soloists Horacio Salgán (piano), Pedro Laurenz (bandoneon), Enrique Mario Francini (violin), Ubaldo De Lío (guitar) and Rafael Ferro (double bass). They recorded for Phillips and Columbia, in an attempt to make tango re-flourish in the 60's with a bold renewal in rhythm. You can listen to the tanda of Quinteto Real on Spotify or below.

Obviously this is something that would require a half a dozen of maestros requesting it for me to play this tanda in a milonga. At the same time however, I could see this tanda working well for an audience that is open to dancing to something like Sexteto Milonguero for example. Nevertheless, while the danceability is open for much debate, we can not question the beauty of this music and the genius of Quinteto Real. So if you like good tango for listening to, and not just dancing, I highly recommend Quinteto Real and in fact everything from maestro Horacio Salgan.

All these songs are from the Vinyl Replica: Quinteto Real - album (Spotify / iTunes Store)

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  1. Antti wrote: "while the danceability is open for much debate..."

    Famously this orchestra declared at the outset that its objective was to create tango for listening, not for dancing. In my opinion, it succeeded 100% on both counts :)