Monday, September 20, 2010

Tanda of the Week 38/2010 - Enrique Rodriguez

Download or listen Tanda of the Week 38/2010 - Rodriguez

1. Enrique Rodriguez / Armando Moreno - "Este Es Tu Tango" 1945
2. Enrique Rodriguez / Armando Moreno - "Ya No Cantas Chingolo" 1943
3. Enrique Rodriguez / Armando Moreno - "Traje De Novi" 1945
4. Enrique Rodriguez / Armando Moreno - "Tu Y Cielo Y Tu" 1944

For me Rodriguez is one of the orchestras I need to play in every milonga to make the night complete and this is possibly my favorite (and a great alternative to the most common) tanda from Rodriguez. The amazing "Este es tu tango" starts the tanda with it's strong midtempo drive and the tanda finishes with the beautiful "Tu Y Cielo Y Tu". When I created this tanda I had these two songs I wanted to play, but I didn't want to put them one after the other as they were too different in my opinion. I had to find songs that would work as a bridge between the two and was able to create a tanda which I feel has a smooth transition between songs that were slightly different style.


As I am writing this and analyzing the tanda again I'm not at all certain that you can't play the example songs one after the other. Sometimes a dj thinks too much. But nevertheless... this tanda is lovely to dance to.

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  1. I have a tango themed tanda, which goes...

    Danza Maligna,
    Tango Argentino
    Motivo Sentimental
    Este es tu Tango

    Lyrically, it works quite well, although the rhythm slows down through the tanda... what do you think?