DJ Antti Suniala

Dj Antti Suniala (Finland) has almost three decades of experience as a dj and a performing artist, and for the tango world he is best known for his weekly tango blog "Tanda of the Week". He's a regular highlight of milongas and festivals around the world and has played in places like Buenos Aires, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Kiev, Odessa, Vienna, Singapore and Tokyo.

Antti Suniala began dj'ing hip hop, soul and funk in 1995, collecting records and perfecting his mixing skills on the turntables. Since 2000 he has worked as a world class fire circus artist, but after being introduced to the music and dancing of argentine tango, he also returned to his first love - this time as a tango dj.

His selection of music celebrates the virtuoso orchestras, the greatest singers and the true passion of tango, and it is catered to the dancers needs, encouraging them to express their emotions and musicality through the dance. You can expect to hear some of most danceable traditional tango music from the late 1930's to the late 1950's and especially Troilo, Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Calo, Laurenz, Biagi and Pugliese.

Antti Suniala has the privilige to work as an ambassador dj for the TangoVia Buenos Aires organization and the TangoTunes digital tango store, promoting their work in saving every tango ever recorded and playing some true rare masterpieces from their unique collection.


- based in Finland, traveling worldwide
- tango dj
- tango blogger
- hip hop and soul dj in 1995-2003
- professional circus artist since 2000
- cultural producer
- photographer

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DJ Antti Suniala, Finland


"I have just heard the most beautiful and moving music I have ever heard played at a milonga. Antti Suniala played lovely but mostly fairly conventional choices at Salon Canning (Buenos Aires) in the first half of the evening. After that, his late-night music began -- very rich in deep, deep cuts -- and it was extraordinary. I rediscovered orchestras I thought I knew. Fresedo has never had such whipped lightness. The Tanturi tanda (for which I had a really wonderful partner) made me love Tanturi with a passion I didn't think I could feel for that orchestra and Tanturi's version of "Alma en Pena" has gone straight to my top ten list of best tangos ever written. The Lomutos were touching and pretty; Rafael Canaro was sweet and a little funky and the Carabelli choices were delicately delicious. But there were two tandas that especially moved me. A set of Biagi-Duvals gave me literal goosebumps. And then, just when I thought that experience could not be surpassed, Antti played a tanda of Gobbis which has got to be one of the loveliest things I have ever heard. The tango classics are wonderful, of course. But there is a whole world of musical treasures out there awaiting our discovery. And I don't mean second-rate, undanceable B-sides. This was powerful stuff. I am typing this through eyes blurry with tears."

Terpsichoral Tangoaddict,, Buenos Aires, Argentina

 "My name is Laura Heredia. I am a tango organizer, teacher, and dancer in Buenos Aires. For the past 4 years, I have organized 2 popular weekly milongas, Bendita and Maldita Milonga, with the tango orchestra El Afronte. 

Antti was a regular DJ at our milongas for the month of April 2010. In this short time, he was able to create a truly authentic and lively environment, complementing both the orchestra’s energy and the energy of the crowd.We have a very diverse crowd at our milongas, ranging from tourists taking their first tango steps, to locals who have been dancing for many years. Antti has the ability to keep everyone dancing no matter what the level. His sensitivity and knowledge of tango music appeals to the skilled porteƱos, who take their music very seriously, and insist on a DJ who has a deep understanding of traditional tango music.

We were happy to have Antti here and we would be happy to welcome him back to DJ at any time. Should you need any more information feel free to contact me."

- Laura Heredia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"We were very happy to invite Antti to be a DJ at one of milongas in
Our tangueros prefer mostly classical tango music, the "golden age" orchestras. Antti's DJ-ing was excellent! And some Finnish tangos gave the special zest to the milonga. People danced during all tandas without any stop and wanted this milonga to be continued. It's a pity that the time was limited. We liked Antti's milonga very much, and he is always welcome to Kiev."

- Nadia Chernousova, Kiev, Ukraine
tango teacher and organizer of the milonga in Teatrion

"We're following you bloq and your work really improved the quality of our milongas.
Some DJs need the authority from the North to be convinced."

- Dj Stefan Ok, Germany