Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tanda of the Week 12/2016 - Ricardo Tanturi - Instrumentals - TangoTunes!

1. Ricardo Tanturi - "Recuerdo" 1942
2. Ricardo Tanturi - "Entre sueños" 1943
3. Ricardo Tanturi - "La huella" 1941
4. Ricardo Tanturi - "Mariposita" 1947

"The other Tanturi instrumentals" ----

http://www.deezer.com/playlist/1684364901One of the great fairly recent releases from TangoTunes is the compilation of all the instrumental songs recorded by Ricardo Tanturi in 1937-1947. The release has 16 songs and a few that many of us have surely been looking for in good quality for a while now. Please remember that while listening to the tanda you only have the best quality versions I was able to find on Spotify or Deezer. Be sure to listen to the samples provided on TangoTunes for all the songs.

We're more accustomed to hearing the Tanturi's uptempo instrumentals like the songs in this Tanturi instrumental tanda but his mix of melody and rhythm works well in the down/midtempo range as well. Tanturi recorded the Pugliese classic "Recuerdo" a few years before Osvaldo himself, and while it's not quite the match for Puglieses recording, there's nothing wrong in Tanturi's arrangement of this fine song. "Entre sueños" is a bit of a strange one and you can see how you like it in comparison to the vocal version of Miguel Caló and Raúl Berón. "La huella" is more rhythmical but has enough of melody to make it fit the tanda and my favorite "Mariposita" finishes the rather smooth tanda.

No fireworks but everything works. Probably best played early on in the milonga.

Between these and the "Comparsa Criolla"'s there's a mix of more rhythmical midtempo tracks like "Adios pueblo" and "Lagrimas" which are definitely worth checking out too.


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