Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tanda of the Week 21/2015 - Rafael Canaro - DJ Daniele Argelli

This weeks tanda comes from guest DJ Daniele Argelli. Here's what he wrote:

"Hi Antti. My name is Daniele Argelli, from Italy and I find your website very inspiring for the career as a tango dj I’m working on building. I might be wrong but I haven’t found any Rafael Canaro tanda on TOTW, which I think is a pity since I think he recorded some very danceable music – although nowhere near as good and as plentiful as his more famous brother [Francisco Canaro]. A Rafael Canaro tanda I’ve played that people seemed to like is this:

1. Rafael Canaro / Luis Scalón - "Qué le importa al mundo"
2. Rafael Canaro / Luis Scalón - "Envidia"
3. Rafael Canaro / Luis Scalón - "Resentimiento"
4. Rafael Canaro / Luis Scalón - "Cuando el corazón" it a listen: I hope you’ll like it too and you’ll be willing to give Rafael his deserved little place in the sun. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Thank you Daniele!

I never want to criticize any of the tandas sent for the blog... but since Daniele kind of started it with describing Rafael as "nowhere near as good and as plentiful as his more famous brother", let me agree with his statement and continue by saying that it is very clear that Francisco Canaro had the better orchestra and singers that were clearly better than Luis Scalón. But if you like this kind of tango music you can listen to more of Rafael Canaro and the "Distancias" album on Spotify and Deezer. The album seemed to be in a lot better sound quality than the also available "Tango en Paris" album and you can get 69 songs for 9 dollars when you buy "Distancias" at the iTunes Store.

Have a nice day!

5 kommenttia:

  1. Speaking of Rafael Canaro my current favourites are Desengañao and Desaliento!

  2. A little mystery: Does it sound like a female voice? Singing in French? Did Rafael Canaro have any female vocalists? Various sites list different male singer's names for this track, but none seems to sound right...

  3. Daniele wrote "I hope you’ll like it too and you’ll be willing to give Rafael his deserved little place in the sun."

    I have to say I think Rafael Canaro deserves the place in the dark that he currently occupies.

    But I think it good that Antti has decided to occasionally include such inferior music on this blog, since this should help DJs decide to exclude it from their sets. :)

    Keep up the great work, Antti!

  4. Some of Tanturi's songs have been very difficult to get in good quality, and for some reason many of the songs have been cursed with a lot of reverb, which had been artificially added at some point by the record companies. ;)

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