Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tanda of the Week 15/2015 - Lucio Demare - DJ Antti Suniala

Greetings my fellow tango addicts. I'm going on another small tour as shown on the picture above. Hope to see some of you on the dance floor!

Before discussing this weeks tanda, let me say a few words about the great Trasnochando festival that we had here in Berlin the last weekend. It was the first edition of the festival and was organized by Frank Seifart, James Bates and Monica Suteau, who is the fairly recent addition to the killer team whos influence has done wonders for the Berlin scene. The sold out festival had a nice venue with character and great music from start to finish. I strongly recommend bookmarking this festival for next year and to get your tickets early!


1. Lucio Demare / Juan Carlos Miranda - "No te apures, cara blanca" 1942
2. Lucio Demare / Horacio Quintana - "Igual que un bandoneón" 1945
3. Lucio Demare / Juan Carlos Miranda - "Mañana zarpa un barco" 1942
4. Lucio Demare / Horacio Quintana - "Torrente" 1945, for the tanda at hand..... "No te apures, cara blanca" is definitely one of the most popular tangos among dancers and for all the right reasons. It's a perfect blend of a beautiful melody, downtempo rhythms and endless details accompanied by the singing of Juan Carlos Miranda and the sad story of a man talking to his horse about how there's no need to rush since there's no one waiting for him to arrive. You can read a translation of the song at the "el Tango te espera" blog.

Demare didn't record many songs with Miranda so sometimes you might find it better to mix in songs from other singers in order to create a tanda that follows better the mood you want to create with "No the apures...." Here I chose two of my favorites from Demare/Quintana for the tanda.

I also added pause tracks in between some songs, so that when you listen to the tanda on Spotify or Deezer you hear it like I would play it. When I DJ I always want to have absolute control of the silence in between the songs and I play one song at a time and only when it's the right time I will press play for the next song. I want to give the dancers a chance to breath in and breath out before the next song, especially when it's a more downtempo and very emotional tanda like this one.


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  1. Lovely. Very relaxing music.

    "I want to give the dancers a chance to breath in and breath out before the next song"
    :) Agreed. There's nothing worse than being harried into the next track with lack of attention to the gap - or, for that matter, to the volume.