Sunday, March 8, 2015

TOTW - The Year 2014

Spring is almost here in Berlin and although it's a bit late I thought of doing a short review of the 36 tandas posted on the blog in 2014. Since I recently updated the complete TOTW playlist on Spotify I have been listening to the tandas of the blog a lot more and I have to say we have a lot of great music here. Thank you all for the suggestions, feedback and guest DJ's for their contributions!

I split the tandas into two groups: The traditional and the not as traditional tandas. As you may have noticed the blog is not only about the theory of constructing perfect traditional tango tandas but there's also space for more variety and sometimes I want to simply showcase a certain orchestra and their music. I hope this list will help you to explore, find your favorites and especially for the beginning DJ's to understand styles of tango music better. Often the definitions of what is or is not traditional vary slightly and there's some music that is borderline this or the other. However after a quick look, I believe the way I have split the tandas will satisfy most dancers, DJ's and the tango police.

I will later do a similar post for the previous years as well.

Have a look at the review of TOTW - The Year 2013.


- DJ Antti Suniala



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