Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tanda of the Week 09/2015 - Anibal Troilo / Alberto Marino - DJ Antti Suniala

...or Biagi: "La marca de fuego"!

After a short recovery from the endless hours of dancing at the Tango Frostbite festival, the Finnish tango scene already has it's sights on the second highlight of the year; The second edition of the Tangosauna marathon is coming up again in June 12th-14th and the registration starts tomorrow on Wednesday the 25th of February!

I will be playing at the marathon again and in the great company of DJ's Andrés Molina, Sandro Puliti, Analía LaRubia Del Giglio, Fatih KaçmazBernt Andreas Drange and Jenni Valli.

So join us for the white nights, swimming and some very hot tangos and saunas...!


1. Aníbal Troilo / Alberto Marino - "Uno" 1943
2. Aníbal Troilo / Alberto Marino - "Cotorrita de la suerte" 1945
3. Aníbal Troilo / Alberto Marino - "Fuimos" 1946
4. Aníbal Troilo / Alberto Marino - "Sombras nada más" 1944

http://www.deezer.com/playlist/1160883241http://open.spotify.com/user/anttiveikko/playlist/27e8641VxoTDdwuTBeugQpHere's another tanda I played last Thursday at the Tango Frostbite festival in Finland. I was happy to hear that the maestros in attendance greatly appreciated my selection of Buenos Aires style music and afterwards I received detailed compliments and feedback from both Javier Rodriguez and Horacio Godoy, who especially liked this tanda.

I'll say one thing about the tanda or Troilo/Marino tandas in general. Here is where we cross from the well-known earlier Troilo recordings, both instrumental and songs with Francisco Fiorentino, into the slighly less-known and more challenging tangos from 1943 and beyond. These songs are more appreciated in Buenos Aires but the scenes in Europe (at least) seem to be catching up. However, what I hear from many DJ's is that, out of the 40 something Troilo/Marino tangos, they're playing a lot of the lesser-known songs and arrangements that are more difficult to dance to. I'd say it's good to remember that just like with Pugliese, that if you choose the most well-known and danceable songs you can find - it is still Pugliese. Meaning that the music still has all the qualities that make Pugliese so amazing but is less challenging. And the same goes for Troilo with Marino. You don't always need to select the most special songs in trying to get maximum results. Of course everything depends on everything else you play in your set, but I assure that you will get great and often even better results with such a tanda like this which has three compositions Uno, Fuimos and Sombras... straight from the top100 of the tango history.



Here's more information of Alberto Marino from TodoTango:

Alberto Marino (26.4.1923 – 21.6.1989).

"The bandoneonist Aníbal Troilo heard him sing and suggested the latter to join the former's outfit. Marino had already made an agreement to join the orchestra of Rodolfo Biagi, but accepted Troilo's suggestion, and worked with him from 1943 until 1947.

For many people it was the singer's best time, his renditions of the tangos "Tres amigos", "Fuimos" and "Tal vez será su voz" are authentic jewels, among many others, of his contribution to the history of tango. 

After that successful stage he decided to start his career as soloist. His first orchestra was conducted by the violinist Emilio Balcarce,the same one with whom he had begun in 1939. Later the bandoneonist Enrique Alessio took over the leadership of his orchestra and some time later he is replaced by the Uruguayan musician, Héctor María Artola.

He admired Gardel and Charlo, but when he was asked about who influenced on his expression and phrasing, he invariably answered: Antonio Rodríguez Lesende. A singer hardly known, whose recordings are very hard to find and that are around sixteen renditions. [edit: listen to Di Sarli/Lesende "Milonga de Centenario" and you can hear the similarities in their singing styles]"

- by Ricardo García Blaya, Todo Tango

Troilo, Anibal - TOTW - Todo Tangotango.info - TangoTunes - iTunes Store
Marino, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - tango.info - iTunes Store 


6 kommenttia:

  1. I admire Troilo for being the greatest Bandoneonplayer ever. The normally played Troilo-tango-tandas on milongas are not my favorite ones. - But this Tanda I really enjoy! May be I should discover more late Troilo with Marino..
    Thank you, Antti!

  2. Antti, it's nice but why does a good tanda have to be propped up by names? The music should speak for itself. Are you proposing it, or telling us?

    I can't help but feel the last track perhaps has too much drama in it for the rest of that tanda. As a dancer I would hate to be woken up by that last track in that way. But I would like to finish with Fuimos.

    As for "maximum results" I do wonder what that means...

    1. Felicity, the music does speak for itself but I wanted to give the tanda more context in regards in what situation it was played. I also want to share some of my DJ'ing experiences and responses from dancers even if they are from someone as unacknowledged and disrespectful to the tango tradition as Javier Rodriguez. (It's a joke)

      I can see your point how "Sombras nada mas" is stronger/more dramatic than the other songs and could think of replacing it with something like "Tal vez será su voz...!"

  3. Felicity wrote: "why does a good tanda have to be propped up by names?"

    Not any names, Felicity. These are the names of famous dance instructors and show performers from the world of Tango de Workshop! :)

    Some people consider these names to be important.

    Though I'm surprised to see Antti amongst them.

    1. Oh Chris. You've been reading too much Tango and Chaos again. (Which is an excellent blog though)

      I fail to see in which universe I should not listen to and appreciate Javier Rodriguez taking a moment to personally analyze my set.

      Once you hear me play I could use a quote from you also... something like "Antti had me totally fooled for a while as I concidered him to be an alternative tango DJ. But then he went and played that 50's Di Sarli."