Friday, February 6, 2015

Tanda of the Week 06/2015 - Juan D'Arienzo instrumentals - DJ Antti Suniala

DJ Antti Suniala - Tango Salon Festival, Lodz, Poland

First of all, I'm happy to announce a few more gigs for this year. I have the honor and pleasure of playing again at both the Tangosauna Ultimate Tango Marathon in Finland and the Tango d'Amore Festival in Ukraine. I also hope to see you many of you at the Frostbite Tango Festival in Finland very soon!


1. Juan D'Arienzo  - "Maipo" 1939
2. Juan D'Arienzo  - "Derecho viejo" 1938
3. Juan D'Arienzo  - "El pollito" 1939
4. Juan D'Arienzo  - "Felicia" 1939 I was promising something very classic for this weeks tanda and here's one of my absolute favorites. The tanda still goes a bit into the extremes (next week something more chill?) as all of the songs are very uptempo and probably some of the strongest instrumentals you can find from D'Arienzo. I remember playing this one in the Tango Salon Festival in Lodz, Poland and receiving applauses from the appreciative dancers.

Rodolfo Biagi is always praised for his playing and input in the D'Arienzo orchestra in 1935-1938. Here in these songs the piano is played by the long time successor Juan Polito and in my opinion the man is on fire. Love this stuff!

There's quite a difference in quality of the tracks on the playlists provided... While the
Meta Fierro - Yunta Brava release with "Maipo", "Derecho viejo" and "Felicia" is in truly great quality and surely one of the best available, it was very difficult to find a good quality version of "El pollito". If you want to play the song in a milonga I'd recommend finding another better version than this. Unfortunately I'm not sure which release I could recommend. A lot of the early discography is available at and hopefully they'll include even more songs soon in their store.


D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - iTunes Store

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  1. :) Nice. I prefer El pollito, Felicia, Maipo, Derecho viejo. El pollito has a quiet tension that anticipates the others which is why I generally like it as an opening track. Felicia is between the first and the others in strength. It builds up to the last two, otherwise I feel the tanda drops away.