Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tanda of the Week 45 / 2014 - Hector Varela (valses) - DJ Antti Suniala

1. Héctor Varela / Argentino Ledesma, Rodolfo Lesica - "Como tu cariño" 1954
2. Héctor Varela / Argentino Ledesma, Rodolfo Lesica - "Igual que dos palomas" 1953
3. Héctor VarelaArmando Laborde, Rodolfo Lesica - "Patio porteño" 1952
4. Héctor Varela - "Llanto de amor" 1952

I just recently found the great "Llanto de amor" instrumental vals from Hector Varela and here I've used it in a tanda with the earlier 50's valses with vocal duo's from Ledesma/Lesica and Laborde/Lesica. With valses DJ's play either three or four songs and I usually play only three but I'll make an exception here for Tanda of the Week.

Just a quick thought about the order of the songs. You could start with the faster "Igual que dos palomas" (2:36) but here I thought that I'll put the longest (and a bit repetitious) song "Como tu carino" (3:31) first so that by the time everybody gets on the floor in the beginning of the tanda they'll have around 2:30 or 3:00 of time to dance to the first song and the other songs follow more or less with the same duration. If I went the other way and start with the shorter "Igual..." dancers would have 1:30 or 2:00 of the first song and 3:30 of the second. These things don't make a huge difference.... but they make a small difference... and can affect the flow of the tanda or the milonga.

Also with Varela and "Llanto de amor" you could of course make a fully instrumental vals tanda as well (which I also do). But here the 4th song being the instrumental serves the purpose of refreshing the style a bit... a 4th vocal duo song might get a bit heavy for our sensitive ears and delicate souls.

Another thing for DJ's. When playing songs of different quality and clarity you can't trust your iTunes (or even Traktor Pro) for correcting volume levels etc. Keep your fingers on the volume and eq for these songs. Better yet... what I did for "Llanto de amor" (I have only this version from the Grandes del Tango 44, which could be of better quality) was to remaster it the best I could to more or less match the dynamics of the other songs.

Anyways... I hope you like the tanda. Enjoy!

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