Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tanda of the Week 15 / 2014 - Francisco Lomuto

1. Francisco Lomuto - "Sentimiento gaucho" 1942
2. Francisco Lomuto - "Criolla linda" 1942
3. Francisco Lomuto - "Zorro gris" 1941
4. Francisco Lomuto - "Catamarca" 1943

http://open.spotify.com/user/anttiveikko/playlist/5ZsMPLCZljfdOIQj94CZ24I was asking my readers on the TOTW Facebook group which orchestra they http://www.deezer.com/playlist/833476731would like to here this week and one of the requests was for Francisco Lomuto so here it is. This tanda was sent to me by a fellow DJ from Finland Jaana Hänninen. Thank you Jaana!

These are all classic songs so you can also compare "Sentimiento gaucho" to the version of Rodolfo Biagi, "Criolla linda" to the version of Donato or Héctor Varela Y Su Orquesta, "Zorro gris" to the versions from Enrique Rodríguez and Alfredo De Angelis and Lomuto's "Catamarca" from 1943 to Di Sarli's version from 1940.

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  1. A great tanda. Thanks from me too, Jaana.

    BTW, I find Deezer is cutting off the start of each of these tracks unless you login.