Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tanda of the Week 10 / 2014 - Miguel Caló y Alberto Podestá

1. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Percal (second take)" 1943
2. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Yo soy el tango" 1941
3. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Si tú quisieras" 1943
4. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Dos fracasos" 1941

5. Miguel Caló / Alberto Podestá - "Me casé con un sargento" 1941

http://open.spotify.com/user/anttiveikko/playlist/2wq2bY4NrL7WcPiESNJFgzThis weeks tanda is again a contribution from Stefan Ok from Germany.

http://www.deezer.com/playlist/801549581"I use the transfers of Buenos Aires Tango Clubs "Cuatro Compases". This compilation includes the second take of the famous Percal, which sounds more direct, clear and less dramatic than the version of the first take, that we are all used to hear [The version on Spotify is not of great quality - Antti]. If the time is right I offer a 5th song, like a "hidden bonus track", the Caló/Podestá polca "Me case con un sargento", actually recorded on the same day as "Dos fracasos". This is a funny piece, which is actually quite danceable and a lot of dancers and Dj's already showed their agreement on the dance floor. If I want to keep the energy serious and official I just don't play it, but if you need an icebreaker for friday night for example, then people are getting really relaxed by this song without distracting them too much."

Thank you Stefan!

Unfortunately the polca is not available on Spotify, but you can listen to "Me casé con un sargento" on YouTube. I hope Stefan doesn't mind me choosing one of the most famous Finnish polcas "Säkkijärven Polkka" for a cortina on Spotify.

As a peculiar side note, the second take of "Percál" is available on Spotify but only on three compilations of Cuban music (or music popular in Cuba). "Percál" was indeed a huge international hit but why it was the rare version of "Percál" that was chosen for these compilations, I do not know. But knowing how much effort is not put into making some compilations, I will not lose my sleep over this. 

If you have trouble recognizing the different versions and are unsure if you have the both versions in your collection or not, I recommend listening to the ending of the songs. The first take has a longer ending than the second take. Start counting beats from the last "per-CAAAL" and you'll notice the difference.

Calo, Miguel - TOTW - Todo Tango tango.info - iTunes Store
Podestá, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - tango.info - iTunes Store 

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  1. I think the biggest difference between the two versions is that the more popular, longer one has artificial reverberation.

    On the less popular, shorter one, the best quality recording I've found is on the recently released Diegon album "Cuatro compases" [07898659721831].

    "The first take has a longer ending than the second take."

    Antti, I'd be interested to hear what leads you to believe the longer performance was made first. Apart from the fact that the second is better :)