Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tanda of the Week 08 / 2014 - Milongas - De Angelis/Tanturi/Federico

1. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Bien criolla y bien porteña" 1945
2. Alfredo De Angelis / Julio Martel, Néstor Rodi - "Buenos Aires de ayer" 1943
3. Domingo Federico / Carlos Vidal, Oscar Larroca - "Zapatos" 1945 - TangoTunes

http://www.deezer.com/playlist/795236711Here's a new milonga tanda I played in the saturday afterparty of the 4th edition of Helsinki International Tango Festival - Tango Frostbite. I find that all of these songs, from three different orchestras, have a similar mid-40's sound, energy and danceability to them and go well together. When I played the tanda I left out the speech intro from the De Angelis milonga.

I played from 03:30 to 07:00 following Punto y Branca, who played the Grand Milonga of the festival just before. I had decided that since I have time for only two milonga tandas, the first one will be more uptempo, unknown and challenging, while the second one later into the morning hours will be slower, more known and less challenging (it was Canaro).

What do you think of this tanda? All comments are appreciated. Unfortunately the De Angelis milonga was not available on Deezer. ...and the version of Zapatos is too fast on Spotify/iTunes. Get it from TangoTunes.

Tanturi, Ricardo - TOTW - Todo Tangotango.info - TangoTunes - iTunes Store
De Angelis, Alfredo - TOTW - Todo Tango - tango.info - iTunes Store
Federico, Domingo - TOTW - tango.info -TodoTango - TangoTunes

4 kommenttia:

  1. "Bien criolla y bien porteña" is also available from TangoTunes, but even that version still is a little ugly (in sound quality). It's a great milonga in any event.

  2. Antti wrote: "I played from 03:30 to 07:00 ... I had decided that since I have time for only two milonga tandas"

    I'm interested to hear why you made that decision Antti. I'd have thought 3.5 hours enough time to play three - one per hour.

  3. Normally it would be yes. In the beginning I played 3 tango tandas until enough people arrived to really start dancing before I went into the TTVTTM format. Plus I wasn't sure if I'd have people staying until the very end and if I would play milongas closer to the end of the milonga. So... "I had decided that since I have most likely time for two...."

    I also played 2 chacareras and there was one short speech during the milonga. The last two tandas of the night were vals and tango.