Monday, December 16, 2013

Tanda of the Week 35 / 2013 - Juan D'Arienzo instrumental valses 1935-1936

1. Juan D'Arienzo - "Pabellón de las rosas" 1935
2. Juan D'Arienzo - "Corazón de artista" 1936
3. Juan D'Arienzo - "Orillas del plata" 1935's a guest Dj tanda from one of TOTW's regulars, Chris from UK. Here's what he had to say:"Tanda of the Week has three tandas of D'Arienzo vals, but given how great is D'Arienzo vals, I think it deserves at least one more :) So here is one from me. These never fail to bring a smile to dancers' faces. I last played this tanda at one of the finest milongas in the English Midlands - Geoff and Pauline's milonga in Stafford. You can see the complete set list here: ."

Thank you Chris!

To purchase these songs for yourself I recommend either TangoTunes or the above pictured De Pura Cepa compilation. To study D'Arienzos discography I recommend Tangoteca discography of D'Arienzo or D'Arienzo at

D'Arienzo, Juan - TOTW - Todo Tango - TangoTunes - iTunes Store

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