Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank you for your support! Bitcoin donations accepted.

You can now support the blog by donating Bitcoins! It is also possible to make a donation on PayPal.

The blog remains non-profit and the few donations on PayPal I have received in the over three years of running the blog have been helpful (and very much appreciated!) in covering the still relatively small expenses I have from domain name registrations, Spotify and Deezer membership payments etc.

Obviously the blog not only does it purpose in creating discussion about tango music and providing tandas to listen to worldwide, but also has been a good promotional tool for me as a Dj and has gained me recognition in the tango community. So I would like to thank all the followers for your interest and your enthusiasm and willingness to share the blog with your communities has been amazing! Also another form of showing the support has been the numerous guest Dj tandas I have received and I am very thankful for them as well. Tanda of the Week would not be what it is today with out your help!

I have worked as a professional freelance Dj and circus artist for almost 20 years and I'm still loving it. It is not the easiest way of life but it brings amazing experiences. What I do today would not be possible without the community support.

So one more time... thank you all! I hope to see you in a milonga near you soon!

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