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Tanda of the Week 31 / 2013 - Osvaldo Pugliese y Roberto Chanel

Pugliese with Moran and Chanel.

1. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "Rondando tu esquina" 1945
2. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "La abandoné y no sabía" 1944
3. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "El día de tu ausencia" 1944
4. Osvaldo Pugliese / Roberto Chanel - "Corrientes y Esmeralda" 1944's some of my and many other's favorite Pugliese with the singer Roberto Chanel."[Roberto Chanel] was an excellent singer, delicate, with a warm tenderness, a typical symbol of his period. However, he was not widely known save for tango people, collectors or, at the most, by those who lived at his time. For the connoisseurs, he was the best Pugliese's vocalist, neither the most popular nor the most renowned, but the one who best and with the highest finesse represented the maestro.

The first recording of the orchestra for the Odeon label was on July 15, 1943, the sides were: "El rodeo" (by Agustín Bardi) and "Farol" (by the Expósito brothers), the latter with Chanel as vocalist.
With Pugliese he recorded 31 tunes (three in duo with Alberto Morán), those which stand out are "Fuimos", "Consejo de oro", "El sueño del pibe"  and "Yo te bendigo".

The researcher Nélida Rouchetto described him this way: «With his nasal sound, his canyengue and his common man's diction he kept alive the popular roots that gave rise to the city music. It was Chanel who identified himself like an orchestra instrument, in the manner of a viola, as can be verified since his first recording».

After he split with Pugliese, he was member of the Florindo Sassone Orchestra with whom he recorded 16 tracks for the RCA-Victor company. Some of the numbers were: "Corrientes angosta" (by Ángel Gatti), "Ríe payaso" (by Virgilio Carmona and Emilio Falero) and "Flor de fango" (by Augusto Gentile and Pascual Contursi)."

Néstor Pinsón, on Roberto Chanel


I've always had a funny personal memory connected to the song "Rondando tu esquina" by Pugliese and Chanel; As some of you may know I work also as a circus artist and back in 2001 I was directing a show for the fire circus group I performed in at the time. A friend of mine was producing our show music and I told him to look for some tango samples for the music. He found some Pugliese in our local library and so one of the songs in our show was based on a sample loop of the beginning of "Rondando tu esquina" and everytime I hear the song played in a milonga it brings back memories of spinning fire on stage.

Pugliese, Osvaldo - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Chanel, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

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