Friday, April 26, 2013

Tanda of the Week 09 / 2013 - Orquesta Típica Víctor (vals)

1. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Mario Pomar - "Temo" 1940 - iTunes
2. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Carlos Lafuente - "Intima" 1940- iTunes
3. Orquesta Típica Víctor / Ángel Vargas - "Sin rumbo fijo" 1938 - iTunes

My favorite valses from Orquesta Típica Victor. A few interesting things to notice here are the singers Mario Pomar, who would later sing with Di Sarli in the 50's, and Ángel Vargas, who of course became legendary with the D'Agostino orchestra. You can listen to this tanda on Spotify.

Orquesta Típica Víctor - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store

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  1. Nice! A good replacement for Intima is A la mar se fue (1932), which can be heard here.