Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tanda of the Week 02 / 2013 - Osvaldo Pugliese (instrumentals)

I'm sorry for the long break in posting and updating Tanda of the Week. Here's a beautiful, somewhat challenging but very rewarding Pugliese instrumental tanda for all you Pugliese addicts out there. The tanda is available on Spotify.

This is a tanda that I've made quite recently, and I've played it only once, and have had to hold it back a few times when the moment wasn't right and I played something more familiar from Pugliese instead. I would be interested to hear your comments on this one.

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2 kommenttia:

  1. Thank you for doing this blog Antti! (no idea how to pronounce that). Been following for a year and it always increases my musical knowledge in tango which is really appreciated in a small city without a super large tango scene. I like the new organization by orchestra and singer on the right.

    I don't always agree on tanda arrangement with you. I wouldn't end with La Rayuela since I have a much different mood from it compared to the rest of songs in this tanda that I think fit together. But, I'll defer to you since you have a much larger knowledge and experience with this music than I do. If I'm ever in a place your DJing I'll be sure to come dance!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Feel free to disagree with my tanda arrangements. I'm not trying to be an authority in tango dj'ing and I welcome all discussion and feedback. Even critique.

      I agree that 'La rayuela' differs somewhat from the other three but there are also similarities between the songs. And even with 'La rayuela' you have to wait for 30 seconds before the main themes of the song and I feel that the beginning blends perfectly with 'Seguime si podes'. For me these songs represent the more melodic instrumental Pugliese and I wanted to make a tanda focusing on the years 50-55. I see this tanda as a story and 'La rayuela' as the last chapter.