Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tanda of the Week 52 / 2012 - José Garcia - DJ Patricia Petronio

1. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "A lo mejor, quién te dice?" 1942
2. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "Cuna de tango" 1944
3. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "Qué no sepan las estrellas" 1945
4. José García / Alfredo Rojas - "Adiós, adiós, corazón" 1942

This tanda comes from DJ Patricia Petronio from Australia. She runs the Tango Salón Adelaide and they have a monthly milonga "Comme il Faut" which celebrated it's 5th anniversary recently. Thank you Patricia!

Unfortunately these songs are not available on Spotify but you can listen to the "Calla Bandoneon" album by José Garcia y Sus Zorros Grices. I would recommend looking for CD's of José Garcia from the Buenos Aires Tango Club. Many releases of these quite rare recordings are in poor quality and often the pitch is incorrect like in some of the songs from the "Motivo sentimental" collection featured in the picture.

Garcia, José / Rojas, Alfredo -

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